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This is current report of JoE game development. We are working hard to provide demo level, which might be actually done very soon.

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This news are representing current report of our development progress on game.

I has been working hard as team leader to post recruitment topics on almost every game development forum i know. Mostly i have been working on 3d to provide our new animator Annie some fishes which she can rigg. Also i have been doing environment stuff for our level designer to start somewhere.
We still havent decided how levels will look (semi realistic / realistic) and how will we construct all scenery, but we will decide this with testing.

We have got few applications from programmers but noone has started on programming yet. However we have 2 programmers which are going to jump on project in few weeks.
Fish models are almost finished for demo level, but there is lot to be done on environment scene.
We have also made some sort of agreement with developer from other indie team that is currently developing mod called Army Men Extended. He is going to help us on modeling while we will provide him coder after he is done in our team. We still have lot of modeling in front of us and especially rigging but everything is falling on right place, so we are expecting to have demo done soon.

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