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99 Bolts is essentially paused in production as I work on smaller, self-tutoring projects.

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This has been a very slow series of months for 99 Bolts. Going from a world of progress to a world of nothing, almost reflecting the desolate landscape it's trying to portray. But my muse has not left me - it has simply left 99 Bolts for a while. In the meantime, I have been working on a much smaller project.

I entered the Planet Phillip Sniperville competition in December. My map was looking pretty nice but I was working far too slow to have a decent entry for the contest by January 4th. So I pulled out of the competition to finish the map without the stress of a deadline. Here is the link to the new mod, which will really just be the finished "Sniperville" entry map. Perhaps it will be split into two maps, we'll see.

Assault on Overwatch

February 15th will be the release date for this mod - it should teach me some valuable lessons about releasing content to an overeager, if somewhat flippant, modding community. And anything I learn from any mod will help 99 Bolts in the long run.


While Assault on Overwatch nears completion, 99 Bolts keeps getting worked on in other ways. I have been doing a lot of research in many different areas of the mod's themes, and I am pleased with the lines of connection I have drawn across the time-space of the mod. I can't wait to show you all the finished product of all this planning.


Thanks for your continued interest in 99 Bolts. Next update will be in April. Yes, this was edited to say April.

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