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Assault on Overwatch paused production for the last two weeks, thus pushing the deadline out...two weeks into February.

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I work for the Army full-time. Occasionally, I have important missions to run that preclude my ability to work on my personal projects. Such a mission came up on January 3rd. I've been working 24-hour TOC ops for the last two weeks. Thus, I haven't been working on the mod at all for two weeks.

As opposed to how I've been working on 99 Bolts, there's been zero progress on this mini-mod. With 99 Bolts, I am always writing spoken word, planning future maps, refining aesthetic design goals with reference materials, and reading up on Face Poser literature for the immense amount of acting that's on the way. But that's not the case with this mini-mod. Since I already have all the mapping planned out to a fault, and there's virtually zero acting in this mod, I truly haven't been doing anything for it.

I'm pushing the release date to February 15th. The next thirty days will be devoid of special missions and other time-consuming issues, freeing up all my time for modding.

Until then, don't get shot.

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