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Things have been worked on, things are being planned. Dive inside and see what's going on in my mind.

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So, as much as I hate to admit it, we cannot do work on graphics right now. We will keep our placeholders for the release unless we get graphics for them ready. Please do not comment on the graphics looking out of place or odd, I'm already beating myself up over it.

Off the subject of graphics, I've gotten some progress done on the mod. I've fixed some of the heights and foundations of some existing structures, that was mostly all. However, I took on the task of learning how the AttachEffect feature in Ares 0.4 onward worked, and managed to add a pre-planned unit. The unit is based off of the Soviet MAD Tank from Red Alert 1. It's not an exact recreation, but I've gotten done what I can do for it. I'll look into trying to make it better, but it is working good enough for now. I will have an in game picture of it up soon, as well as a demonstration video uploaded at some point.

With some knowledge of AttachEffect under my belt, I can get working on some of the other concepts I had planned to takje advantage of it, mainly and specifically adding a Healing Aura to Eirin, and changing the Chireiden Superweapon to be a Stealth Support Power, among other things to come.

I will be in touch, I will be working on this mod as I still derive enjoyment from making it. The only time I plan to give it up is when the enjoyment stops - "If you can't enjoy something you're doing, why bother doing it at all?" That is my philosophy when it comes to most anything I do.

Derxwna out.

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