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So its almost Jan 26, and Im working hard to get something small but playable ready, and its going well. Dereliction is a Co-op PvE First person Rogue-like where you and your friends fight through an abandoned facility against swarms of alien bugs

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Hello everyone, it’s Salt. So, I’ve been working, lots, on trying to get the game playable. This is an update on what’s been worked on, and what will be.

Raw video jan 17 - Indie DB

Some Rough gameplay of what works and doesn't work, so far.

A fair amount of placeholder art has been added in. Im trying to make a straightforward workflow so all the art not only looks the same, art style wise, but same texture sizes and such. Hopefully to make creating all the art just a little easier on myself.
So here’s a few examples:

Hallway texturingScreen Shot 2022 01 07 at 3 08 39 PMScreen Shot 2022 01 05 at 6 06 49 AMScreen Shot 2022 01 04 at 6 18 07 PM

I’ve put some focus on the base low starting weapons more relevant. So higher base stats, smaller upgrades, as well as prebuilt styles of guns. Currently there is only the rifle, shotgun, and chain gun. I plan to add the plasma, ARC gun, and flamethrower. The workbench also has fewer options for upgrades but weapon specific upgrades, which feels far better.

How the level generation works is a main “route” to the exit is created. A second alternative path to prevent linear levels. Now there’s a chance for the alternative route to have locked doors, while always having a basic longer path to the exit without requiring going through any locked doors.

door breachBreach Tool Colour

Also created a key for the locked doors. Single use consumable key. And I figured a literal key was too dull. So it’s a breaching charge door cutting explosive key. I’m pretty happy with it.

Screen Shot 2022 01 10 at 9 54 20 PM

REALLY quick, temporary Swarm Guard Dross

There’s 3 types of swarm bugs now. No non swarms yet, but soon. There pretty standard fare, slow tank ones, fast running ones. And large swarm basic bugs. The tanky bugs also cover their heads when hit.
There’s finally a finite amount of grenades, which justifies their power. They also create a lot of noise, which can attract more bugs to the explosion.

There’s fire. Fire barrels. Fire pipes. Probably fire grenades, eventually. They burn, as fire kinda does. And goes out over time, as fire kinda does.

Screen Shot 2022 01 18 at 8 04 33 PM

Fire from environment objects

A huge percent of the time spent daily is on fixing any issues that need fixing and I haven’t been bothered to fix. Optimizing some of the code. Just polishing.

Also for the most part. Level 2 MOSTLY load proper without any residual level info or such from level one, for example. I plan to be sure to fix all issues that are being created from one level unloading, and the next loading. That said, mostly works no issues. Only a few bottomless holes in the level. Which is far fewer than a week ago.

So. My plan is to not add much more, fix what is already there, and have multiple levels load no issue. As well as having the difficulty scale up as levels increase.
I’ve only got a few more days and I’d really love to have something, even small, to share with everyone. I could really go for some feedback and such, that can only be given from actual testing. I’m excited to share.


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