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The last early access update before we release the game on the 21st of October.

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We are closing in on the release of Jagged Alliance: Flashback, which is why this will be our last big update before the release. There is a lot of new content in the new update and still more to come. This last week will surely be intense, as we will be working full throttle to get the game polished up with as many features as possible.

Here’s a quick overview of the Final Countdown update:

  • Energy System: The energy system aims to create the feeling of exhaustion or vigoration at appropriate times. A unit will run low on energy after, for example, sprinting for several consecutive turns. This simulates being out of breath, exhaustion or even unconsciousness.
  • Morale System: Every mercenary has their own morale rating. If a unit is shot or due to loss of a friendly Unit, the morale goes down. That can cause both the enemy and the player to panic, run away or make deadly mistakes.
  • Drop & Loot system has been revised substantially, making containers accessible throughout the game.
  • New enemy spawn system creates enemies more varied equipment according to their experience level and assigns them to unique squads.
  • Improved enemy AI - enemies will now go into cover, move or change stance and use their equipment to the best of their ability
  • 15 new iconic weapons: New handguns, SMGs, assault- and sniper rifles
  • Strategic Map UI Overhaul
  • All Sectors unlocked: All Sectors from the final game can now be accessed and explored!

We felt that the developer diary was a cool and simple way to show off new content and features from the game, so we pushed forward to get one ready for this update as well:

You can find a change log for 0.9.0 version and the versions that have been on the alpha branch since the last EA update below:

Armor, Portraits and Equipment

One of our artists, Christian, is a bit camera shy, but that doesn't mean his work shouldn't be shared with the community. He’s primarily been working on the portraits for the game, the trash items and the different equipment. A selection of the above can be found below:


Trash Items:


Want to Support the game?

We're still on Early Access and you can support the development of the game already here:Purchase Jagged Alliance on Steam Early Access

Until Next Time!

The Fullcontrol JAF Team


Looks good!

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Looking mighty fine!

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