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The CSGO port LIVES!! Our long road to the first port build examined and explained, our roadmap to release, and all the other fun stuff we've cooked up in the mean time.

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JB Revival Update #8

HELLO THERE. Welcome to yet another exciting monthly update! Always on time, always ! And this time we’ve got a VERY special update for you all!


This will be the eventual release build of the game, and has required SUBSTANTIAL amounts of work to get this far. It wasn’t just about copy-pasting what we have onto the CSGO branch, but ensuring everything is compatible, taking advantage of newer features, and ultimately creating a big fat hybrid of all the latest TF2 + CSGO fixes + features, and all our previous Source branch combinations. It’s been a nightmare to get it all to play nice, but it’s finally happened! We’ll have more on this further down below, but first, lets get all the basics out of the way.



Complex, by MissingNoGuy :

An absolutely massive map from MissingNoGuy , this map offers a great playing field for large player counts. It features turrets, func vehicles, and a few surprises here and there.

Estate, by Craty and Chanoc :

Based on the old CS 1.6 cs_estate map, this rendition gives it a more halloween-esque atmosphere. The map also works perfectly for our bonedemic gamemode. Check out the footage below!

Mesa Chapter 1, by LordDZ :

The chainsaw racing gimmick has already gotten a lot of mappers inspired, and for this map, the first in a possible series of maps, LordDZ is aiming to create a racing map on what’s basically the cliff-notes version of the HL1 campaign. Starting with the tram ride, and ending with the resonance cascade, this map is a blast to zoom through.

System Shock 2 OPS, by Violation + Bekoha + Nicko:
We showed this map off in a prior update, and now we’ve finally had a chance to do a playtest on it. There’s still more planned for the map, but at least for now we could get a feel for the layout.

Uprising, by LordDz :

We could definitely use some more coop maps, so LordDZ has been experimenting with one based on the early levels of the HL2 campaign. Fight off Combine as you make your way through a City17 apartment complex, and try to get to the roof.

Sky Temple, by Nask:

Another retro themed map by Nask, this one takes place on a mystical temple atop a mountain. It features jump-pads (via air currents), portals, and various ways to fall to your death.


Arcane (By Nask)

This got some visuals tweaks, and was also brightened up a bit in response to testing.

Cold Science (By Nask)

And this got several visual upgrades as well.

They Hunger maps (Matto, MissingNoGuy, LordDZ, postal)

These also got a barrage of tweaks. Church now has a wide open cliff tops area to explore, and both maps now feature health and armor pickups - eat the bones for armor, the gibs for health! DELICIOUS.


They Hunger models (Ported by Ellie):

We’ve started work on some more very obvious additions to our already massive player model lineup: some characters from They Hunger! The process is currently on hold till after the holidays, but we’ve at least started to bring over the Sheriff. Some more will shortly follow.

L4D2 Jockey and Pilot (Ported by Ellie):

We’ve added some more unorthodox additions from L4D2 as well: The pilot seen briefly in the helicopter escape sequence, and a jockey… stretched to normal proportions. Yikes.

TF2 Skeleton and Yeti (Ported by Ellie):

We’ve also added more from TF2 - A skeleton (the third one we’ve added now!) and the yeti!

Stripped Robostripper (Ported by Ellie):

We also added yet another Galactopticon model - the robo stripper… but uh stripped.


As before, we’re continuing to revisit and redo some of our older weapon models, to bring them more in line with the level of quality our recent stuff has been at.

Shurikens (by Atomic, with text by Daigennki)

The shurikens were a pretty simple model, but certainly worth redoing. Especially since we were just re-using jaanus’ old model that had been available on the gmod workshop for eons now. Our japanese translator, Daigennki, helped pitch in for this as well and supplied japanese text to use on the weapon. The text reads "Engravings give you no tactical advantage whatsoever”, and I’ll leave it to you to figure out what game this gag comes from.

New TMP replacement (by UprightBlue)

Another oldie, this time redone by the original model maker. It’s quite the departure from the original, but helps give the gun a more distinct look among our machine guns.

Charge Rifle (by Atomic)

The TFC classic, reborn in all its HD glory. We stayed true to the original design for this one.

Pump Action Shotgun (by Chanoc)

Our shotgun was one of the first models we made for the game, and it was naturally long overdue for a remake. The goal here was to get something BEEFY, that’d stand apart from the smaller shotgun. This certainly does the trick.

SVD teaser! (by Atomic)

The big SVD sniper rifle is featured prominently in our SVT gamemode, but had previously just been a simple placeholder amalgamation of our AX47 and Vintorez. Now it’s an actual proper gun, wow !


Turok 2 Flare gun By: Chanoc

Because my Turok 2 obsession knows no bounds, and because we need more fire-based weaponry, the Turok 2 flare gun seemed another obvious addition to our roster.

Plasma Rifle - By Atomic and Dav0r

One of our oldest placeholder weapon models finally gets the beautiful model it so deserves. Shout-outs to Dav0r for just about finishing the base model, and Atomic for finalizing and texturing it!

Tire Iron & Baseball Bat by Chanoc, Stop sign by Atomic

More melee weapons?? Well, yes and no. We’ve decided to let our modelers have a bit of fun, and also make our ‘melee only’ mutator for battle royale all the more interesting. After having a massive brainstorm season with our QA team, we’ve come up with a fun list of ideas for weapons that’d work as crowbar replacements. They’d use the same animation set as the crowbar, and be functionally identically, but just look different. When the melee mutator kicks in, everyone is given a random melee weapon to bludgeon each other with. Who knows how many of these we’ll end up with, but we’ve already got some pretty funny ideas in the works that are sure to surprise.


Jailbreak content (player models)

While talking with the project lead of PVK2 (refer to our last update), we were informed he still had contact info for the creators of the classic HL2DM mod, Jailbreak Source. Not sure how many still remember this, but it was one of the first HL2 MP mods to pop up way back in the day, and made quite the splash. We’ve gotten a bunch of the player models all set-up for this, with coloring support, and brand new c_arm’s as well. Needless to say, they fit in perfectly.

More PVK2 content (player models + maps)
Our collaboration with the PVK2 devs has continued to grow, as we’ve managed to finish rounding out the cast of the (at least first wave) new PVK player models

The Pirate, Viking, Knight, and Other are all here! Though we still have plans to add more.
We’ve also been hard at work on yet another map from PVK2 - Townsquare! The catch being our version will feature an entirely navigable rooftops, as well as some other surprises. Hopefully we’ll have more to show on this big fat map next update.

GUNMAN CHRONICLES (Player models... For now)

The BIG map we’ve been working on is still to come, but we’ve at least got some new player models ready to go!


Some of the most fun stuff on this project has been born from collabs, be it the vast library of dubstep gun ‘music’ tracks, or all the cat skins we have courtesy of our QA testers. We wanted to get some more collabs going, so we started a new project. UprightBlue , one of our project co-leads, created a video game arcade map, and made a series of models for various types of arcade cabinets. We then turned loose our QA team towards making some designs for the various cabinets. The results have been nothing short of amazing, but here’s a few samples:

By Starscre4M :

By EonDynamo :

By Every1 :

By Chanoc :

By Streetwizard :

And so, so many more. Should make for one fantastic map once it’s all finished. And yes, even more cabinet styles are planned (like driving ones, and a certain type that may involve dancing…)


Halloween content is always something we’ve had fun with, and this time around Ellie went all out creating a whole slew of new and awesome content. Let’s take a look!

Mann Manor

YEP we’ve got Mann Manor. Though obviously it’s no mere port. It features ghost cats roaming the map, deadly skeletons (taken from They Hunger), various traps like a vision-inverting mirror, portals, and GHOST CATS. Great for normal DM/BR, and of course Control Points.

CS:GO zombie player model

Ellie swiped the Zombie model included (but unused) in CS:GO, and made a player model out of it. Sure, why not!

HHH player model

The infamous headless horseless horseman may not appear in NPC form in JB, but does appear as a playable character! It’s a great addition to our roster, and for our Team based modes, also has a colorable head!

BREAD player model

Yes, we even have BREAD. Made from the assets of the TF2 short film ‘Expiration Date’, it’s perhaps my new favorite model. Just check out those snazzy bread shoes!

Lil' Peanut & ghost player models

Ellie also created some silly secret player models as well. These are again not normally selectable by players. The first is a 3D Lil’ Peanut, complete with floppy jiggle boned arms. The other is just the TF2 ghost! Both work nicely for some absurd halloween fun.

Minigames revamp

It wasn’t all Ellie though - LordDZ also updated his Minigames map with a complete spooky halloween theme overhaul.


Courtesy of the talented Streetwizard , we finally have a new intro video when you load up the game. Credits also to Jill for the music. Enjoy:

We’ve been tossing ideas around for perhaps a randomized assortment of different intro videos. We’ll see where we end up, but for now we’ve at least got this awesome one.


Halloween content isn’t all that Ellie’s been working on. As usual, she’s been hard at work at adding various random features to help improve the look and feel of the game.

Christmas map assets + hat

Taken from TF2, we’ve got some presents (normal and exploding variant), stockings, and Santa's hats. How festive!

New c_arms galore

C_arm’s continue to be a major point of focus for us, and so Ellie has gone through and created a batch of new arm’s for our Dinosaur, robot, combine, HHH, and info_player_start remaster. Likewise, she’s also done some fixes to the CSGO c_arm’s so they’d be able to better support larger FOV’s (aka not show cut-off clothing on the arms)


It’s PANTS. We’ve got some fun ideas for this player model. Since it of course lacks an upper body hitbox, it will be locked for special events only and not actually be selectable by players (we’re not interested in having any ‘Oddjob’ tier player models here!). We’re thinking a ‘super kicks only’ BR mutator could work nicely.

Lil' Peanut overhaul

Lil’ peanut has received some more touch-ups to better deliver the peanuty experience you all deserve.

Info Player Start tweaks

In addition to the new C_Arm’s the model itself has also gotten some further polish, with new glasses effects.

TF2 merc texture overhauls
Ellie painstakingly went through all 9 TF2 mercs and improved their colour alpha channels, upgraded all their normal maps using higher quality SFM versions, remade texture sheets using higher definition SFM textures, gave pyro a much higher quality head mesh and textures
brought over unused exponent masks where possible, upgraded normal maps using SFM movie versions and finally redid all the VMTs to be similar to the movie ones meaning better looking rimlighting and phongmasks instead of the mushy default JB ones most were using. Check below for an example!

TF2 Pyro re-rigged and revamped

Ellie’s also been at work redoing the rigging and proportions of the TF2 merc cast, so they’ll look and function better on our rig. The Pyro is done so far, and looks fantastic now.


We snagged the melon from HL Alyx. It’s very smooth. Ellie’s also given it various LOD’s so we’ll get better performance during mutators where melons are being spammed. Hooray for optimization.



Gib fixes for HL1:Source jank

Ellie also went through and fixed up the gib models we had snagged from HL Source. Among the myriad of problems HL Source has, the gibs were also way off in basically every way, from size, to collisions, to surface properties.

Dubstep Gun re-textured

Ellie also went and touched-up the texture for our Dubstep gun, one of our oldest weapon models.

BM:S Assassin's player colored goggles

The BM:S Assassin has night vision goggles, so HEY why not make them colored based on what color settings the player chooses.

BM:S Scientist texture tweaks

The BM:S Scientist also got some improvements to his texture coloring, for both DM and TDM.

CS:S Hostage

Apparently our CS:S hostage had an extra skin set laying around in the CS:GO files. So screw it, we’ve tossed it in as well!

Coop map names + steam support

Ellie also set it up so chapter names will display on steam when you're playing coop, rather than something like “C3A2” or whatever


THE DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. After about a YEAR of work, we finally have the CSGO port up and running, and ready for testing. This has been a monumental task that I could never even begin to put into satisfactory words… But with some help from our lead programmer, Zero, I’m going to try anyways. First off though, here’s a little visual aid to get across the timeline and steps of this process:


So, how much work did it get to get that JBGO port to where it is today?? Well, thankfully our programmers have been logging their hours on it, so I can actually give a fairly precise answer: 1,456 HOURS! That's 60 DAYS of WORK right there, and nearly all from our lead programmer ZERO! The absolute MADMAN! We're beyond lucky to have him on this project, and we certainly wouldn't be here today if not for him. He even went into fully TURBO mode to get the port done before years end, doing ALL of the placeholder UI currently in the game in a span of just 4 days! YEAH

For those wanting something a bit more IN-DEPTH, we’ve also put together a nice little road map write-up that you can access right HERE

So, what is it we have right now exactly?? Well, it’s a very barebones early build, featuring only a handful of simple gamemodes, and all placeholder UI (<3 ZERO). Like our flowchart shows, we’ve gotta now FIX, then RESTORE content, then ADD a bit of new long-requested stuff (world portals !), and then finally FIX/POLISH what we have, and GET it out the door!

BUT HEY! How did the playtest go? Fairly well, actually! In the words of Zero: “Most of the issues were related to the UI. It seems like JB's gameplay had very little impact, and our backwards compatibility mechanics (that allow JB to run both CSGO's and HL2's content) is working pretty great.“ There was a memory leak present, but within 24 hours we managed to track it down and squash it. There is still, however, a myriad of smaller issues. Some of the maps look a bit off, a few things are broken slightly, and various other small bugs have cropped up. It will take some time to squash them all. But we’re all totally knee-deep in this new build and committed to see it through. And the benefits are already immediately evident, especially with the improved lighting system:

The finish line is finally in sight, and we can’t wait to share more of our progress with you as we continue to rebuild the game and get it to where we’ve always wanted it to be. Look forward to it!


Shout-outs to our new recruits 7ast (Ukrainian translation) and Lasan (Danish translator)


More animators is still something we’re looking for. Beyond that, Romainian and Korean translators are still desired. Mappers are appreciated, if they’re experienced enough. Ultimately though, if you’re really good at any aspect of Source modding, just hit us up on our discord and we’ll see if we can’t make it work. Thanks!


- 3543 commits (1644 - game repo, 1899 - code repo)
- 329 closed roadmap tasks
- 211 new roadmap tasks
- 211 posted crash dumps
- 182+ workdays spent on the port
- 85 game updates
- 38 new maps (including 13 HL1 themed coop maps)
- 17 new player models
- 12 weapon models redone
- 10 brand new weapons
- 6 Discord server boosts
- 4 new game modes (and 1 new sub mode)
- 3 more supported languages (Chinese, Latin-American Spanish, Vietnamese)
- 2 new dev team members
- 1 engine switch


Thanks for reading everything! And as always, please feel free to stop by our discord and chat away!



Looks great seeing all this progress can't wait for the finished product =)

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Phenomenal work as always! 😸

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I was thinking the other day how the mod was going! Good stuff. Can't wait.

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As always, super impressive amount of content.

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Hope y'all keep up the good work, I believe in ya.

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Beta Testing when?

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