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PVK2 collab, new maps+weapons, TONS of new gamemodes, full COOP support, and more! We're making good use of our Source engine license from Valve!

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HELLO HI GOOD MORNING HEY. Welcome to our monthly update series. It is currently a month, so here we are! Last time, we talked about our FULL FREE SOURCE ENGINE LICENSE we received from Valve, and also out-lined the obstacles we have towards release (go check it out if you want a refresher). A LOT of progress has been made since then, but there’s still work to be done!

Our biggest obstacle, backwards compatibility for older model formats, has seen significant progress by Zero since last time. Getting this issue sorted will help tremendously towards getting onto the CS:GO engine, so fingers crossed Zero can get it sorted. So far he says things are going swell, and sent me this to convey it:

Please give him your energy. Please.

Now, before we get into all the new stuff we’ve prepped to show, I figured I should clarify something first that people tend to ask from time to time: Why is new stuff still being coded??? The answer is simple: The programmers aren’t robots. Nobody is getting paid, nobody is forced to be here, and I’m certainly not about to instill any deadlines on them, because that’d be silly to do to people that have full time jobs to contend with. SO! To help keep sanity, I allow the programmers to have some fun from time to time as a way to let off steam. And indeed as you’ll see in this update, the struggle against the CS:GO port has given birth to a whole slew of new gamemodes lol.

Likewise, you’re probably also asking why we don’t just release now. Simply put, the CS:GO build of Source is really quite different from the other branches. It includes lots of fun and fancy stuff to play with, at the cost of it all not really being made to work on other older builds of Source. It was damn near on its way to Source 2, unlike TF2 which was more like a bunch of extra features slapped over older builds of the SDK (Hence it’d be far easier to port to that). It’d be a bit wrong to push for a release build with what we have now, and ask people to make all the needed parts for that release which we’d then just have to toss when we do finally switch. We want the launch build of this to really represent all the work that’s gone into this, and to do that, a CS:GO build is really the way to go. And that’s gonna take some time.

At the end of this all, you’re still going to be getting a FREE game that has had a ton of work put into it, so please bear with us, and just enjoy the show. There’s plenty of other games out there you can play while you wait. Including one other Source project called….

Pirates Vikings and Knights II

Almost immediately after posting our last ModDB update, I was contacted by Colonel-Sanders, one of the project leads of the PVK2 dev team and former fried chicken mogul. He noticed the extensive amount of projects we were collaborating with, and offered their content for us to play around with. We were granted full access to all their source files, and immediately went to work. So far we just have two maps and a player model to show off, but we’ll certainly have more to show in the future as we get more of their awesome content into our project. These guys have been super helpful and extremely generous, and I can’t wait to see what we can do with it all.

And much more to come! Thanks guys! Go check them out: PVK2

New weapons:

“Single Barrel” Shotgun - By Chanoc

A tentative title for our take on the faster shotgun from Team Fortress Classic. It’s faster and more accurate, but with less pellets.

Remover Tool - By Dav0r and Chanoc

A beautiful gun with a fun story to it. Dav0r was actually working on this to be the new tool gun for GMod. Sadly, it never got finished, but we’ve picked up where Dav0r left off, and brought it to life. We still have some fun ideas planned for the screen, but for now here’s what we’ve got. It’s used in our instagib mutator, for deleting players of course.

Golden Gun - By Atomic

I had a lot of fun designing this one. I wanted something in the same vein as the movie version, essentially a gun built out of common stuff. While the movie went for things a fancy businessman would have on him, I instead went for shit a bored office worker might have handy. Also, it’ll explode after every shot. Thankfully you have an unlimited supply of backups.

Quad RPG - By Chanoc

Think Team Fortress. Great for rocket jumping (does barely any self-damage, in fact), and also comes equipped with a multi-barrage alt fire, where you empty out all your currently loaded missiles at once (though they’ll follow an erratic trajectory)

Light Gun - By Uprightblue

Essentially just an arcade light gun ripped off from an arcade cabinet, this old school weapon should prove to be quite fun once it’s set up.

Instagib Lightgun - By Uprightblue

Essentially just an arcade lightgun ripped off from an arcade cabinet, this old school weapon should prove to be quite fun once it’s set up.

Plasma Rifle - By Dav0r and Atomic

Another wonderful collab gun. Dav0r, UprightBlue and I figured out the design, based on my original vague description of “A scifi looking weapon, operated by an old-fashioned crank”. UprightBlue banged out a final drawing, and then dav0r did a first pass on the model. Atomic finished from there. Texture will be next. To reload, the entire crank + attached energy core is removed, and replaced with another one.

Nails - By Chanoc

For the nailgun projectiles. I gotta hand it to him, chanoc really nailed it with this one.

Bird poop - By Chanoc

I’m sorry. Anyways yeah players that have been eliminated in our battle royale gamemode can at least keep themselves entertained by possessing pigeons and shitting all over the living players. Literally. Also, it SPINS as it falls!

Flaregun - By Chanoc


Another Turok 2 weapon! It’s the flare gun! Yea we’re gonna deviate quite a bit from how this (harmless!) weapon acted in the original game lol.

Razorwind - By UprightBlue

ANOTHER Turok 2 weapon! You throw it at people, and they burst! It also comes back like a boomerang, so that’s nice.

??? - By Dan/Pepper

I wonder what this could be! It couldn’t possibly be ANOTHERRRR Turok 2 weapon could it??? Who knows, but I for one can’t WAIT to see it finished.

CHAINSAW - by Valve...

Yep we’ve added a chainsaw. But right now we’re just using the model from Left4dead2. We’ll remake it ourselves someday, honest! This is one of my favorite concepts I came up with. Basically, I wanted something along the lines of the Duckgame chainsaw, where you can propel yourself by sawing the ground. But instead of limiting it just to the ground, I wanted it to work on ANYTHING. This has proven to be by far our most complicated weapon to build yet. Everything from our it pulls you, to new jump mechanics when you’re being pulled, required a group effort between Jill and Ott to sort out. And big thanks to Ellie for constructing our placeholder weapon for now, which was no easy task


This project has been in the works for a LONG time. Nearly a DECADE since it started. So naturally some of our models are a bit crustier looking than our later added ones. So, Atomic has been slowly going through and remaking them entirely, to bring them more in-line with the other weapons. More will be done soon as well. Take a look!

Hand Grenade - By Atomic

A simple one, but absolutely needed.

Gravity Mine - By Atomic
This ones really come a long way since I first MSPainted the design years and years ago.

Explosive Mine - By Atomic

Another pretty upgrade.

And just in case you forgot, here’s a before and after for both:

Z89 - By Atomic

A remake of the old P90 we used to have.

Double Barrel - By Atomic

We wanted the replacement for our double-barrel shotgun to better reflect its knockback and damage, so what we did was make it bigger. About twice as big, actually.

This new double-barrel is based closely on a real-world custom-smithed double stopping rifle that weighs over 40 pounds and is chambered in 2-bore, a cartridge designed to be extreme overkill for African big game. Ours has a slightly higher bore diameter, though, because why not. It takes full advantage of the PBR shader we’re starting to use for all weapons going forward, and I hope everybody likes the way it turned out.

For context, here’s a comparison of our old double barrel (top), the real life proportions for the gun this is based on (middle), and ours (bottom).


Railgun - By Atomic

Ok this ones cheating a bit lol. We were just using a modified world model from Alien Swarm before. But hey it was crusty, and now it’s beautiful, so HEY close enough. And yes, the nerdy ones out there will probably notice we took a few liberties. Namely, no big ugly sight, no tube on the side, and the prongs being (debatably) angled differently than they are in game (horizontally vs vertically). But who cares, this looks nicer.


Sinfect has gotten a bunch of new animations done. Here's a sampling:

New player models

(everything in this section was done by Ellie. Huge shout-outs for all their hard work!)

info_player_start remaster

One of our most classic models is the green blocky gordon model taken from the Hammer editor. Since it's only used in a map editor, valve didn't give it much detail. That is, until we stepped in and gave it a more modern and styled look! Removing the smoothing groups gives it a more jagged and polygonal look, alongside a new higher resolution texture made from scratch, which also has the bonus of glowing in the dark slightly.

L4D2 Spitter, HL1 Skeleton, L4D2 hazmat and a reworked + rigged TF2 Pyro

Lots of fun new player models to enjoy.

Riotcat overhaul

A classic JB playermodel with a modern update! Using a new higher quality cat model from HL:A, it's received a makeover making it stand out alongside the other fluffy force models!

It features eye tracking, jigglebones, brand new helmet models and 5 different breeds of cat all of which are randomized on spawn!

HL2 skeleton Improvements

After having skeletons without hands for years (we were just using the HL2 model, which has no hands), it was about time they were given some! alongside hands, multiple alternate bodygroups were added and set to randomize on spawn, so you'll have skeletons with normal jaws, broken jaws and no jaws!

Galactopticon playermodel improvements (eye tracking, improved rigging, team colours)

As mentioned many times before, we like to feature the hard work done by the developers of this cancelled sourcemod. We've taken assets that were unfinished, and given them new life in JB!

Solomon, Kalasha and Robostripper have all had their models updated and redone to make them better than ever! Featuring eye tracking, proper c_arms, team coloured skins and redone rigging to fit our animations better!
Also, we’ll be using the shell-less stripper model as a new player model soon. Cause it’s just too damn weird looking not to.

New maps

Arcane - By Nask

Pretty. Well hey, a video is worth a thousand pictures, so here you go:

Biohazard - By Zero

Based on a certain popular TF2 map (Turbine !) but with some slight changes and an HL1 theme.

Coast03 - By LordDZ

It’s Coast03 from half-life 2! No, really, it’s the ENTIRE Coast03. Based on the gamemode you select, you’ll play on different chunks of it. The highlight though is by far the CTF gamemode, with its own fancy ruleset.

Here’s a video to explain:

Lich2 - By Junior

A sequel to Junior’s popular Lich map. With an absolutely gorgeous setting.

PoolParty - By LordDZ


Deathboats - By LordDZ

Think bumper boats, but with 100% more guns. something something gonna need a bigger boat etc etc.

Survivor - By Zero

Based on the old CS1.6 map. Or well, it just IS the old CS1.6. But obviously remade from scratch to be 1:1. This took awhile to get sorted so yea, def not some simple port!

Truth - By Nask

Another 1:1 remake, this time of several maps from the campaign of Counter-Strike Condition Zero. With Sushi (and maybe other things..) as health pickups, and a few creative liberties on the japanese artwork hung up around the map.

Whiteforest TEASER - By LordDZ

I have no other information for this besides this picture. The map isn’t near finished yet. And based on this picture, I’m not sure how I should feel knowing what’s coming...


Bug Updates - By Craty

Reworked pretty heavily since it was last seen, it now features a lot more stuff to fight around, and also CTF support

CTF Fourt updates - By Craty

It’s FOURT! But for CTF! It works as follows: touch the white flag to convert it to your team’s flag. Other teams can’t touch it, BUT if you drop it for more than 3 seconds, it’ll vanish and respawn as a white flag again. Sounds easy, but gets chaotic as hell. Just watch the video below and you’ll see what i mean:

Farmhouse updates - By Ellie:

The other L4D1 map port "Farmhouse" also received updates in preparation for the new gamemode, adding shortcuts and routes leading to previous camping spots. Also added was a garden gnome! Just make sure he keeps away from the porta potty outside!

Minigames updates - By LordDZ

Minigames also has been overhauled quite a fair bit. Several games were removed, and several were added. Including some fun arena ones that let players go 1 on 1, or another arena where teams all fight each other to the death with the same randomly chose weapon!

tiny_terminal updates - By Ellie:

In preparation for the new bonedemic gamemode, a older map based on the airport level from the L4D1 campaign received some updates letting it live up to it's true namesake

Dotted around the map are gates that when passed through alter the player's scale! So it makes for small scale chaos with all different sized players running around. New hiding spots have also been added!

Lich update - By Junior

TOTAL art pass overhaul, and a new top area. PRETTY.


Anyone that knows me can tell you that aside from being a huge Turok nerd, I’m also a MASSIVE team fortress CLASSIC nerd. As are many of our mappers! So, we’ve been hard at work at bringing over nearly all the maps from TFC into our game, switch slights tweaks. These are not simple drag-and-drop ports. Each map was remade 1:1 from scratch, using the original geometry for reference to ensure consistency. This is our first batch.


  • Avanti - Junior
  • Canalzone - Zero
  • Flagrun - Rara
  • Hunted - MissingNo
  • Rock3 - Zero
  • Two2forts - Nask
  • Well - Junior

All maps should behave just as they did in their original games, with any tweaks being minimal. With the exception of Hunted which works on, well, Hunted gamemode, they’re all set to work under our Team Mission gamemode (CTF + CP + Payload umbrella gamemode).

The two2forts one I’m particularly proud of. I had the idea to do a mashup between the two games a while back, but there were lots of interesting considerations to make. First off, the two maps aren’t exactly the same, layout wise. So, to compensate for this, I opted for a bit of a mix-and-match. For instance, the red TF2 base is using the TFC stairwell layout to the water area, but remade in a TF2 fashion. Likewise, the Blue Base TFC Courtyard is done to the specs of the Red Base TF2 courtyard. I wanted the two maps to be exactly the same layout wise to avoid any issues of balance, but also to give them a bit of an extra fresh take. Likewise, I wanted the map to have a sense of a cosmic clash between worlds. Littered around the outskirts of the map, you’ll find various props from both games, as well as an otherworldly static divide between them. It’s all still being polished (thanks Nask), but the end result should be fantastic!

Here’s a few fun clips for the others as well

For our next batch, you can definitely look forward to seeing Ravelin, which is coming along just brilliantly, thanks to new recruit Osac

New Battle Royale mutators


We got a lot of fun ideas for this. For now it’s just an early stage, with a bit of work to go. But it’s still proven to be quite the new and exciting experience

Tank controls

A new chapter in the tale of agonizing BR mutators. X axis mouse movement is disabled, and the strafe keys are instead turn keys. It’s as painful as you can imagine.

Go Berserk

Already shown in our Fort footage. All PVK2 Berserkers, chainsaws only, pure LOUD chaos.


Oh god we added Co-op. So basically, Zero was getting worn out dealing with both the port and a stubborn memory leak (That we have since fixed !!!), and decided to tackle Co-op early. We were all too happy to oblige.

It works as such:

  • Players get a point for surviving to the end of a level
  • Dead players can respawn as hostile headcrabs
  • After a short period, dead players will respawn again.
  • If everyone dies, the map restarts
  • All weapons, ammo, health, and score carry over between maps.
  • Killing teammates in any way is encouraged
  • Whoever has the most points at the end of a campaign will be crowned the winners!
  • Bonus points awarded at campaign end of silly stuff like most team-mate kills, etc (think mario party)

For now, it’s built off the HL1:Source maps. You’ll need to supply your own HL1 maps for now. We’ve used our map-add system though to make some fun tweaks to them in various ridiculous ways, from hiding tiny scientists, to make parts of the map destructible. Here’s a fun video of our playthrough of the campaign:

And some random highlight vids:

HUGE shout-outs to Jill, and also Slartibarty and Rara for assisting, on the massive task of bringing over the NPC’s. The plan eventually will be to remake them properly on Nextbot with new and exciting features, but for now they’re mostly just standard... Except for the ichthyosaurs. They fly now. Just because.

EVENTUALLY, our plan is to make full proper edits of every chapter. These will feature our creativity on full display. One example is our LambdaCore map. This was a FUN map I designed with help again from Nask. I wanted to basically extend this map to a full on wave-based survival madhouse. Survive all the waves, each wave has a boss, and everyone respawns when the wave boss is killed. We spared no expense on this one and I couldn’t be more proud of the end result. HUGE props to Nask for getting it made.

LordDZ also took a stab at edits for the Surface Tension chapters. There's a lot of fun ideas in play here, with some new areas added on every here and there. This is still early on, but here's an early look



Where would we be without the trope of the virus gamemode? My initial proposal was to feature speedy skeletons that use chainsaws to fly about the map, with the joke being that they’re trying to free your skeleton. Jill set up the gamemode, and Jill and Ott built the incredibly elaborate chainsaw weapon for it. The end result has been endless fun.

The Shidden

God this is so immature. Zero wanted to bring over The Hidden Source into JB. I said sure, but it needs some sorta new twist. And immediately after saying that I proposed farts. And from there it’s history.

Here’s a fun video, again featuring some sweet PVK2 content:

And here’s some random clips

CTF! Flagrun! Attack/Defense! FLAGS FLAGS FLAGS

And so the floodgates have been opened. By creating a complex umbrella gamemode type known internally as Team Mission, Zero has built a framework for mappers to create all sorts of elaborate flag based maps. There’s no limit to the freedom that can be taken with them. Here’s some of the set-ups currently being used.

Standard CTF - 2Fort! (See the TFC vid): Each team has a flag. Steal each others for points!

Objective based - Rock3 (Seeee the TFC vid): Steal the flag and plant it somewhere in the base to complete the objective. Kinda like CTF except with the capture point also being in the enemy base.

Attack/Defense - Avanti (See the TFC vid!): Get flags to each control point to claim that territory. Take turns attacking and defending the zones.

FLAGRUN - Flagrun ! ! (SEE THE TFC VID): There’s flags EVERYWHERE. First team to catch em all, wins!


Yep, we got payload as well. Not too much that we’re ready to show just yet, but I will say we are working on our very own version of badwater, totally overhauled with a new HL1 aesthetic. Look forward to seeing more of this in the future, cause it’s gonna be great.

Chainsaw RACING

We knew we had something special when the final draft of the Chainsaw got launched. And to the surprise of nobody, people immediately began making Ratrace maps that instead utilized the CHAINSAW. The results have been simply tremendous

Some of the maps so far:

Cyber City - By LordDZ

Quickrace - By LordDZ

WallCrawl - By Fukowski

Gforce - By Disn- I mean, Chanoc


Aside from all the FANTASTIC work she did on the HL1 NPC’s, Jill’s also been doing a lot of experimenting for some possible fun turret ideas. One such idea is to set up turrets to use all our projectile weapons. The results so far have been promising (still very wip, as you can tell by the mis-aligned aiming)

Visual effects:

We've made some more major progress in making new pretty effects for everyone to enjoy. Take a look!

new fire particle effects

Fart grenades

Fart death effects (with heatwave effects now!)

Tracer reworks


Alongside all the playermodel updates, more voice overrides were added, giving our playermodels more life to them! you'll hear these time to time throughout videos as they feature often!

Also, as mentioned in previous updates, we've added the c_models system for viewmodels so it means some of our more unique models needed custom arms

here's a selection of some of the new arms added this time

HUGE thanks to Ellie for making JB really shine by doing all of this ^

Zero also took some time to fill in all our missing kill icons, at long last. We have quite the beautiful assortment now:

Thanks I fixed it myself:

I’ll hand this one over to Zero, our lead programmer:

One of the most notorious issues many mappers have encountered while making maps for multiplayer games and mods was a server crashing bug where a trigger_hurt would try to destroy a breakable prop_physics_respawnable. This issue was and still is present in all official games, since the release version of HL2, to the latest version CS:GO. Take a look at the following video as a proof:

It took us a few years to figure out the proper fix, one of those being replacing all prop_physics_respawnable with prop_physics, and another being messing with the collision mechanic.

Until we finally came up with the idea of caching the list of entities that trigger_hurt should damage in the CTriggerHurt::HurtAllTouchers function. And it did the trick. Thanks, I fixed it myself.

New localisations:

LOTS of new progress has been done in the way of localisations (Thanks Jugador for all his help keeping things organized!). Let’s say hi to our NEW localisations:

  • Neutral Spanish! By c0cainum
  • Traditional Chinese!! By SilverBob
  • Simplified Chinese!!! By SilverBob
  • Vietnamese!!!! By Tokiboyo

A couple long-standing WIP translations were also picked up by some new translators, and finished off

  • French, finished off By Bug
  • German, finished off by Skunky
  • Polish, finished off by Lordomus

Any bored romanians or koreans in the house??? Cause we’d certainly love to finally check those two off our list! Feel free to DM any of us over our discord if you think you might be interested.

Team additions:

  • Osac - mapping
  • Atomic - Modeling work
  • c0cainum - Neutral Spanish translations
  • SilverBob - Chinese translations
  • Tokiboyo - Vietnamed translations
  • Lordomus - Polish translations
  • Bug - French Translation

Welcome to the team!

(we totally didn’t mis-place the source files for the credits image. Nope, not at all!)


We’re open to any help at all, but we would DEARLY love some extra animation help right now. If anyone is familiar with the process of animation wants to help with some aimlayers, even if you’re not that good at it, we’d certainly have a lot for you to do. We’re trying to fix up our monstrosity of an animation file, and it’s proving to be a massive task.

But also we’d love some animators that might be interested in doing some new NPC animations. We got lots of fun ideas, including some that may involve the System Shock map…

Beyond that, Romainian and Korean translators would be nice, likewise Bulgarian seems like it could use a hand. Mappers are appreciated if they’re experienced enough. Ultimately, if you’re really good at any aspect of Source modding, just hit us up on our discord and we’ll see if we can’t make it work. Thanks!

In closing:

Join our discord!

Follow our twitter account!

Suscribe to our youtube channel!

Thanks for reading everything! Please feel free to stop by our discord. Especially if you find any strange links in this article, containing odd pictures of bricks. Maybe something on our discord will help you make sense of it!

Anyways, so long for now. But look forward to a 7.5 update not too far from now. We’ll be showcasing a VERY special series of maps for it, including one that’s been in the works for about a year and a half now. Fingers crossed it’ll finally get to be seen soon!


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Wicked media update! Thanks for partnering with PVKII and we look forward to seeing more! You guys rock!

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