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I am currently working on the beta after our alpha2 test was already uploaded. PM me for any problems and suggestions for maps.

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Work In Progress: 60% done with map[Iwo Jima Beta]
It is long process of scripting triggers for the map and I currently have a lot of time to work on this project. Give me any suggestions and details of the test alpha to Stacker2 or lolwhassup

Work In Progress:
Computer control for some units.
Fix certain bugs.
Create objectives.
Scripted events.
Scouting for new maps.
Working on 3rd wave attack.
Spawn points.

1. Lcvps attack on their own right flank for the first wave.
2. Finished first and second wave waypointing and scripting.
3. Lcvps wave 1 and 2 now drop their infantry on the beach now.
4. Lvt 1st and 2nd wave move attack to the top of mount surabachi now.
5. Several Map changes to accommodate landing craft and vehicles.
6. Reduction of lag by removing useless units.
7. Timers to show 2nd wave attack.

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