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I've Been Thinking About Life Here Is My Explanation of Life Itself

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Well I've Been Thinks About Life And I Only Think About Life When I Hears A Sad Song(Exile Vilify) And I Realized Life Isn't About Money Happiness Or Compassion Its About Love And Living If We Didn't Have it The World Would Be A Hollow Shell Full Of Dullness And Gray There would Be No Love Or Anything For That Matter Imagine A World Full Of Nothing Pretty Dumb Huh? Well I Agree Without Its There Would Be No Laughs Animals And Most Importantly Life. It Feels Like Im A Rat In A Maze When You Mess Up There Is No Retrys You Fail And Its Over :/ Life Is Precious And We Need To Keep That Dont Jump Off A Bridge Because Your Life Is Dumb Just Accept The Fact You Have It :D No Need To Kill Yourself. Just Live Because You Have Family Everyone Is Your Friend Try To Find Your Inner Peace Or Else Life Is A Mess Just Make Sure To Do Something Correct A Decision Is Final This Was Made By Jmayo :D Goodbye For Now.

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