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A quick update on things to come, plus a bit on what's been happening recently.

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Sup Peeps, I know it's been a while since our last proper update so here's what's happening.

The first thing I will be sharing with you is what's been happening in my life over this year.
I've been studying a Diploma of Digital Video and Animation, plus working so I've definitely been pretty busy, and too be honest I felt my study was more important and kept putting off making things for the mod and time just ticked on and on until it'd been a very long time since I made an asset for the mod.

As for ShadowFax, he's also been working so hasn't had tons of time on his hands.

The video I uploaded a few days ago was meant to show how far my abilities have come since my last update. The video shows a new ship that'll be uploaded soon, plus it's textured which I was unable to do before. I have only fully textured one ship so far but I'll be getting better every time I do one. Other things I have gotten far better at mostly can't be noticed as it's more just better techniques and things like that.

I'll try not to bore anybody reading to much, so just know that more updates and ships will be coming soon and I'm going to make an active effort to get more things done.

If anyone is still following this mod, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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