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Ya, you know it's a media release and update. You knew it had to come at some point.

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Well guys, I'm back in the saddle! After Computer woes, school, friends, and home life, I am back developing the mod. As I am a single developer, it has been nice hearing from people who want to help.
Alright, here's what is happening. I plan to release a demo. Ya, your probably thinking " A working demo, with map changes and everything?" Wrong, this is a simple release of three, count that, three maps. Most are not complete, but I want to get the communities view on my work so far. You will need to use the console to play the maps. I'll try to have it, some screenshots, and some model views up tomorrow.
Well, that's all for now gotta get back to work and get you guys a decent ass mod for once. Remember to keep your shotgun handy and loaded for crazies.
Peace, GmansFan :P

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