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Hello there guys,

I have a little announcement. I put a lots of work into this project, and although releasing it in the form it was meant to be in is beyond my reach, not releasing it at all would be a great waste. And I become a little tired of posting here and on TWC that I have no time to work on my mod. The thing is, situation hasn't changed unfortunately, but I decided that I wll continue work on it every day, even if that would mean literally spending just a 10-15 minutes of some minor tweaking. The plan is to firstly check everything I put into this mod through all these years, and see what is working, what has to be fixed and which things I can get rid off. After that I will decide if it's playable enough to be released. With a little bit of luck, maybe some M2 fans will live up to that day ;)




That is definately great news! I was concerned about the project. Looking forward to it :)

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Very good news. I liked your map and strat models very much, alongside the units you previewed and the scripts you had planned. What do you think will be missing from what you had initially planned? Looking forward to this and all the best! :)

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Hallvard Author

There are some things that I greatly hoped to achieve but life has verified my ambitions ;) I was planning to make a historical recruitment system specific to each faction (or group of factions, like for polish duchies), based on new buildings, vanilla ones like barracks and stables would be removed from game. In fact, I had in plans removal of almost all vanila buildings :) There would be more economy buildings, new and re-worked guilds, you would be able to develop bigger cities in various ways, for example by giving more rights to townspeople, nobles, clergy or by centralising king's power, all of these choices resulting in both pros and cons in terms of finances, public order, units you could recruit, and so on.

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That's great news! Your map *and* models that you've shown so far are bloody amazing, and even if you can't manage to release this in its full promised form, I'm going to love seeing this grow into a released mod. Best of luck, my man!

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