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Since we aren't going to have anything to show you for a little while I've decided to finally release our ideas about the story of the mod.

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We were going to release this quite a while ago but forgot lol, so I guess now is a good time to actually release it.

Aperture Science Laboratories (Pre-Fuse)
Their back story the same as in portal, until the development team working on their AI outvote GLaDOS (Genetic Life form and Disk Operating System) for HADES (Human Android Divided Evaluation System) as that would allow the computer to make emotional judgements and exceptions as a human would as well as being able to think and register information as fast as a super computer could. All they need now is the right human.

Persephone (Pre-Fuse)
A 23 year old woman. She was working as a personal assistant for the boss of a small research company called "First Front Science". After a year and a half of working for F.F. Science the company brought in a new policy, all their admin staff had to pass a simple biology test to stay on. She failed. She was heartbroken until she discovered a position open in Aperture Science for a 'Special Test Subject'. Determined to make herself feel as though she had not lost against science she took the job. Each consent paper she signed felt like another step toward victory over science. Before she knew it she was being prepped for her first and only test, worry set in as she began to fall unconscious.

We have more but I think that can wait till later. :D
Your thoughts about these ideas would be appreciated as these are just concepts and are likely to be altered or changed.



Awesome work, I hope this is good when its finished.

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This sounds great, can't wait, hope it comes out soon.

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