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you may need a hex translator to read this. It is going to have spaces in it. You will need to remove the spaces so the hex will be able to read it properly. The second one you do not have to read. it is filler.

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61636B 204D65736121 2020496620796F 752077616E7420 746F206A 6F696E2C20 652D6D 61696C206D65206 12047686574746F47617 264656E3140676D61696C2E 636F6D21 202042 65207375726520746F207369676E20757020696E 206F75722073 74656 16D20636F6D6 D756E69 74792 067726F7 5702E00

48656C6 C6F21202 05665727920736F6F6E2C2 077652077696C6C20626567696 E2070726F677 2616D6D696E67206F 757220 66697273 74206D6F642C204 2616C6 C6164204F6620426 C6163 6B204D65 7361212020496620796F752077616E7420746F206A6F696E2C2065 2D6D 61696 C206D6520 61204768657 4 746F4761 7264656E3140676D61 696C2E636F6 D212020426 520737572 6520746F 207 369676 E207570 20696E206F7572 20737465616D 20636F6D6D 756E6974 79206772 6F757 02E00

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