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Where have I been? What happened to Bright Lights? I shall give you answers.

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Hello. It's been way too long.

Where have I been?

A while ago I lost the "spark" per se I had for modding portal. Around the same time I lost access to hammer once again. I ended up working on a ton of projects for various other games and even started work on an indie game quite recently. But why am I back here now? Recently I rediscovered this game's community and found the spark I needed to actually want to finish this mod.

Why the name change and why the switch to portal 2?

The name was changed because frankly, Bright Lights was never an accurate name for the mod. And also with the massive theme change I've done the mod needed a more fitting name. I thought Perpetual Dissonance might fit somewhat considering the theme I have going of this combination of Portal 1 elements and design with Portal 2 assets. Giving it this sort of strange feel. Seeing elements that shouldn't work together being put together in puzzles in clever ways is where the Dissonance aspect comes from. For example. Energy Pellets and Lasers both in the same test. They shouldn't work but with clever design you can make them work well.

As for the switch to Portal 2. With the existence of Portal 2: Community Edition and it's features that very much peaked my interest. I thought I'd get a head start by working to port everything over to Portal 2 and begin fixing up all of the various levels and maps I have to work in Portal 2 with it's upgraded engine features and assets. Not to mention that portal 2 is just a step up in general and provides a much newer and in my opinion better engine to build the mod off of.

Lastly, If any of you worry about the quality of the mod. Do not fear. I have improved massively since the first and only preview of Bright Lights. and I have the proof to back up that claim.

- ashi

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