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New levels in production - old levels getting patched.

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So as many of you know, last year we released the first demo to the public. It admittedly wasn't finished, but it was pretty close. People ask all the time if the mod is canceled - it is NOT! We're working slowly since the main developer has other things going on at the moment but we are working on it. As you can see the new level is coming along nicely and hopefully it should be ready for the annual hacking contest.

The next release will fix some bugs as well - the boost drain has been modified a little bit (We were originally going to make different boost drains for each level, depending on the length of the stage). It was going to save us alot of work but when we actually went to playtest it, players had a hard time making the switch, and just when they got used to it they had to adapt again. The feature has since been pulled. Emerald Coast got absolutely demolished by speedrunners, even though we tried to prevent this there were still huge holes in the level that could be exploited by anyone using the infinite boost skill. This has been patched so in the next release you'll have to find new things to exploit. The level is also less barren, with more items placed in the level. The collision walls that were meant to keep players inside the level have been lowered enough so that they can be jumped over - it turned out that these same walls were causing stuck players from being able to return to the level, and this is a major no-no in game design. You can now get back in the level simply by jumping, and yet not fling yourself outside of the level carelessly.

We hope you enjoy the gameplay tuning, as well as the new level when it comes out, probably sometime in July or August (no promises though!).

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