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Classic Offensive has evolved since its first release. Here's our plans, and what we've been up to.

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It's been 6 years

Since I first released this mod 6 years ago with the purpose of testing modding on CS:GO, a lot has happened.

Shortly after release, the mod took off and we managed to grow a team of very talented people, got Steam Greenlit a few months later, then got the attention of Faceit, where they've hosted services for our mod, and reached second position on their platform.

Since then, we've decided to overhaul the mod entirely to bring it closer to CS:GO's standards and get rid of the placeholder assets. We've been hard working to remake classic weapons, animations, maps, sounds, and even bring back old gamemodes.

The project still needs a lot of content and mostly a lot of bug and security fixes related to CS:GO's monolithic nature, which prevents us from releasing the mod as intended.

What has been done

We've restarted work on the mod near the end of 2018 with a better vision of what Classic Offensive should be. We've been doing monthly Devlogs on Twitter since then.

Our vision

We believe that matchmaking, skins and gambling have alienated part of the community, so we're focusing on core gameplay and features that defined what CS originally meant to the community.

We're putting community servers as a priority within our mod, we even gave them a dedicated tab in the side menu, instead of hiding it like CS:GO.


We have yet to contact Faceit after all these years to see if they're still up to implement tournament services for our mod, if so, we'll welcome them with open arms.

For lore nerds, we've set the mod around 1999-2004 in terms of aesthetics, meaning weapons, maps and characters are supposed look like their older counterparts.

We try to avoid looking at CS:S and CZ for references as they felt really detached with the newer looks. We're however not opposed to take some of the upgrades they did, we in fact went through with some of their changes, like Kevlar, flashbang and headshot sounds, Inferno's design and more.

Features from CS:GO are kept when they fit our goals, can't be removed or offers quality of life improvements. However, pointless weapon and agent skins oriented features are removed entirely or adapted to fit our needs.



We plan to release the mod with Dust2, Inferno, Train, Nuke, Mirage, Poolday, Aimmap, Iceworld. And add more from the community post-release.

We've decided not to rework any hostage maps for now as old hostages were cut from the game and will be complicated to reliably patch them back or remake them with scripting... they're maybe even a step back from what CS:GO has done, they need careful considerations.

Our maps are made with simplicity in mind. Simplicity in their layout, visuals, and how movement flows. They retain their CS layout and aesthetics, except for when edits are really necessary (Nuke's secret for instance).



New weapons from Global Offensive have been removed or replaced for our mod. All the classics got re-balanced, re-animated, and re-modeled with our new standards.

It was important for us to retain their vibe, punch and uniqueness. With CS:GO, a lot has been lost with their designs and animations, guns feel generic and way too similar. We've decided to prioritize their identity, base their stats on their roles and the vibe they're supposed to give.


All gamemodes and features from CS:GO will be present in Classic Offensive, except for Danger Zone, Retakes and Co-op modes, which will need fixing if we ever plan to use them.

Assassination has been reimplemented through VScripts. The gamemode still features having one of the CTs chosen at random to be the VIP. This player is automatically equipped with a USP, Knife and Taser, Kevlar+Helmet, limited ammo and 150hp. Like the original, the VIP will need to reach an extraction zone, and Ts will win the round if killed.

Improvements have been made to Deathmatch and GunGame modes to simplify them, with health now being refilled on kill, and GunGame being available as a FFA on tweaked standard maps.

Casual and Competitive are now being given new optional weapons, with the M72 LAW and Ballistic Shield respectively reserved to Ts and CTs, but also the Molotov returning for both teams. Those weapons can be disabled by hosts through commands.


Worrying silence from Valve

When we passed Steam Greenlight back in 2017, we had a few email conversations with Valve and CS:GO devs, where we've got to explain issues we had with modding CS:GO and how we could remedy them.

Sadly it never really got anywhere. 2 years later we asked about getting a licence to access their source code, which didn't result in a positive answer.

We never got access to that license, meaning the mod got stuck in a release limbo, with all our hard work sitting there.

it's not currently possible to play online with all the security and hardcoded behaviors they've added. The only solutions are to patch the game ourselves through plugins / binary patching, wait for them to fix it (it's been 6 years), or release on an unsafe version that didn't had those issues (way too old and risky).

Remedying the lack of source code

You've guessed it, we got tired of sending them emails and went with the patching route to continue our work, which is extremely complicated and requires us to be careful about how we go about it.

For legal reasons, we cannot use the source code that got leaked, meaning we'll have to patch the existing binaries released with CS:GO's latest security fixes.

We believe in what Valve is doing with security, and we just can't put players to a risk either, despite the latest updates that damaged modding, we're planning to update our version on each security fix CS:GO receives.

The current fixes we did involves the ability to connect to dedicated servers and lobbies from our appid properly, but also fix crashes related to modding in general, which CS:GO is full of and have been for years.

Those patches will allow modding to be more permissive and have more features, and we believe CS:GO modders might move to our "patched branch" if things get worse. Modding is already bad as it is right now, that most modders have simply gave up with the game. Opening our doors to modding might be a good idea in the long run, so we'll have to play with this idea.


Follow our socials for more updates on the mod

SweetRamona - - 5,158 comments

Looks very good. 😺

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Muleke_Trairao - - 258 comments

It's incredible, in a good way, how you guys have not given up despite all the circumstances you mentioned. Major respect and love to all of you! Can't wait to play the Steam version when it's out! Keep at it, guys!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CS_PRO - - 41 comments

I'm hopeful for the future of this great renaissance of the Classic Counter-Strike experience. CS:GO has strayed away a bit too much for the sake of competitiveness and dusted the Casual experience while filling it with Dull skins. I hope it's possible to achieve the same amount of modding freespace that 1.6 and Source allowed in CO.

With all the attention to detail will make CO its own experience. In a good wayof course! I especially love the real weapon names and how the weapons overall behave..

Good luck and I really can't wait to try it whenever it's ready for release!

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Z00L Author
Z00L - - 393 comments

From what I saw during my many years, modding CS:GO itself (by removing load priority) is just identical if not better.

It's all about allowing users to do it, and what we essentially did here.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
cherrybuttcheeks - - 68 comments

Those maps look gorgeous. I'm always a sucker for simple, well placed details that look nice. It feels neat and tidy.

Sorry to hear about the Valve situation. First heard it on 3kliksphilip's channel and to see it still not being addressed by Valve must be disappointing.

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VaIveSoftware - - 1 comments

great work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Phenixtri - - 3,417 comments

is the tac shield still breakable if shot at enough? the classic CS shield would have been perfect if they could be broken like in CSGO but GO shields cant use side arms at the same time like the old game :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PRinceBhai - - 500 comments

You might be able to add features in the code via injecting but how would you go about fixing bugs, that would be a lot harder to do.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
clerictgm - - 2 comments

G0ben would not allow you to release a direct competitor to his skin gambling trading gayme.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,575 comments

hey what happened to m72 law is still able to be used?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Shadow_864 - - 422 comments

Well, this was supposedly intended for Co-op maps. And on the author’s channel, the mod showed AWP from CS:CZ Deleted Scenes. And a little later there will be an M60 machine gun, a radio, a camera, mines, blowtorch, etc.

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Guest - - 699,575 comments

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