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After struggling for two years on this game I learn many things. Unity, AppGameKit, making game in two-three days on ludum dare. But this project too difficult to me. I drown in complexity of code and will move from it. I'm very happy that this years you read my posts and follow game. It's very very sweet to see. Now I shall move to smaller projects and do it in a month or two. Main problem - measuring scope of a game. So I quit with release.

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Game development and supporting family (feeding mortgage and loans also) is difficult process. But very rewarding.

But you should go when game does not progress more than month. I struggle to fight with code problems for year and found, that my scope too big to achieve alone.

Trying to make it from ground on AppGameKit make nothing difference. Unity is faster to develop with and heavier with tools. So after 6 months of AGK and 18 months of Unity I decided to release it and move on next project.

One advise: "Fail faster" I have understand after two years of development. My stubborness return me to game again and again. And now I wiped out with life problems and game problems and should go to smaller games to return happiness to my hobby again.

Game is released on GameJolt:

And I hope next game will be more manageable than this one. Maybe sometime in future I return and with new skills bring it to life in all shine of complex code.

Thank you for reading my posts and following me. This helps me move forward. Good luck to you in all job and life tasks.

Good bye.

P.S: I hope we meet on another game I will make in near future. Smaller but shinier.

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