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Quick insight into the progress of the game and my future plans for Samphi.

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So it's been a number of months since i set Samphi up on Desura and started developing the game seriously.

With the implementation of the core building mechanics, and the ability to save and load game files Samphi is most definitely a playable game. Each time i put out another update i feel like i have taken another massive leap towards an Alpha, Beta and finally a full release (Although that seems crazy far away ATM).

The game is not currently very popular but hey, i enjoy making these updates and the game and i do have a few comments from people every now and again which makes the whole thing worth while. Trust me. There is nothing better than getting praise off of somebody for something you have worked SOO hard on.

The next phase in development is to implement the tower defense aspects of the game. When this is done the 3 core game play mechanics will be implemented and then it will be a case of refining and optimizing before i put out an Alpha.

So that is where Samph currently stands. I am developing at a nice pace, having a lot of fun doing so and feel an Alpha on the horizon. Speaking of which, i still need people to be Alpha testers so if you are interested drop me a message.

Thanks for reading this post and checking Samphi out. I really appreciate the support :) Ciao.

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