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Update, plans have changed. I now have to make this game for college.

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So a lot of my original plans have changed since I first posted this, including the game mechanics and story. I was originally planning on creating this in my free time, but since a college project requires me to make a level for a game. I am now going to try and create this game for my project.

Which means:

  • It will be built using Unreal engine 4.
  • Must be completed within the next 9 weeks :/
  • Wont have as much content as originally planned.
  • Will include things I didn't plan on, in order to reach project requirements.
  • And an unfortunate change of the story.

So I guess the good news is I will be making a lot more progress, though I still have other projects to do :/
but I will try make the most out of my time and hopefully post weekly updates on here.

Since this looked a bit plain I added a picture of some of my notes + it shows I'm actually doing stuff haha Ill try get some game screenshots asap

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