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I restarted working on this mod and from now on will post video updates on my YouTube channel.

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A couple days ago I started updating the mod after over a year of no real updates. I have posted a couple new screenshots of some progress I made so far. I'm planning on releasing an update as soon as possible, it will not include the Japanese campaign yet however.


Long awaited updates! - Wehrmacht
Long awaited updates! - Kar98k Scoped


I came up with an easier and maybe more enjoyable way of showing progress, I will start uploading development update videos to my YouTube channel ( I recorded the first videos yesterday, and here they are:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Don't forget to check back on my channel every once in a while (once a week or something) - or subscribe - to see if I have uploaded some more videos about Axis Player as I might forget to mention the new videos here on ModDB and the news authorization takes some time mostly.

Along with the update videos on my YouTube channel I came up with an idea to make a few lucky Axis Player fans happy, early access to development versions of the mod and play some co-op with fellow Axis Player fans! All you have to do is leave a comment on the Axis Player development videos or leave a comment down here on this news item. The only requirements are that you must have a microphone, Teamspeak 3 installed and you shouldn't mind that the game of co-op is going to be recorded and probably put on YouTube.

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