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Nearly a month later, this otherwise bad mod is unbelievably still in development as shown in the contents below:

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So you thought that i gave up?

I took a small break, sorry for that. I mean, it's summer, school is over for now so i wanted to spend some time just taking a break, but then i remembered that i haven't worked on this mod. So i went back on track to just work on this mod, Counter-Strike 1.6 maps, choose parts for my new PC and so on...

Now i'm currently working on a co-op map (coop_mission1) , it will feature a building with enemy guards and the players will have to get to the rooftop, where something will happen, like a chopper escape or something, i don't know. I haven't planned everything yet. Maybe a chopper chase (flying between buildings, firing at enemy helicopters etc.). So yes, whatever will it be, it will be action packed.

Now, i have a big lack of ideas due to the fact that i spent most of them into Counter-Strike maps, sorry for that. That's one of the reasons why i made a forum, it has an idea section.

Also, i will make these types of maps for this mod: Stealth Action Deathmatch (sad_) . It will focus on stealthy stuff, but also action-packed things: explosions, falling things, deconstruction, explosive cars etc.

This will happen in the next update, which i believe, is coming next week.

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