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I've changed some things in my mod and have changed the platform, too.

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Things are changing.

I've worked on 1000 Years for about two weeks now, and I have learned some interesting things. Mainly, it's all about Hammer, but I've learned more about voice acting and design of games. With this knowledge, I took a look back at 1000 Years and realized something... it's getting too short for me. So, after a night of reconsideration, I have finally decided to change 1000 Years to a better, more interesting project: Po'okela (Hawaiian for "excellence"). So, what's changing?

  • I'll be modding for Portal 2. While it is ideal to mod for the original Portal, working with the programming for it is really difficult, especially with the portal activation system. Not to mention, lasers!
  • SharePoint Industries and the Blue Portals Development Center converge. I really, really love the warm colors in Blue Portals, a popular Portal mod. I'll do what I can to bring that to Portal 2.
  • You probably won't notice this at all, but it'll be longer than what I had. The entire script was an equivalent of 6 pages. :/
  • The storyline is going to change. I'm not sure on what it will be just yet, but it's going to be awesome.

Off we go!


Secret_Coming - - 1,057 comments

we will still get that portal 1 feel right?

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FuzzyLeo - - 53 comments

there is no portal 1 feel its a clean feel in a portal game so technically yes and no

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