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A list and description of some of the updated items and how they work.

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A few of the items and their descriptions of how they are of use in game.

Fishing Hook


The hook goes through the players head, sacrificing 25 health but giving you + 25 damage, as it is not a mouth you are unable to eat corpses while using the fish hook, however it more than makes up for this in damage.

Rat Mouth


The rat mouth allows you to bite and eat corpses. it gives the player +20 damage and works well with most combinations.



Slime covers the player in a thick green ooze, this attracts flies which will follow you around and give extra health and take hits for you, also giving you +1 speed. It can only be washed off with soap.

Cobra Eye


A rare drop, from bosses and very occasionally from chests and incubation sacks, allows you to see enemy health bars and gives +5 damage and +1 speed.



Soap gives you +25 health and if you are covered in slime or grease will wash it off, this will also forfeit the speed boost from both.



The spoon will scoop out the players eyes leaving them hanging out, although this will make you "blind", it heightens your other senses, giving the player +1 speed and +5 damage.

Bird Foot


Bird feet paired together are the fastest legs in the game, they give +4 to speed, however cannot let you jump or stomp like frog or rabbit legs. But can be combined with other items to create a very fast move set.

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