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Here is a quick update on acquiring and using items!

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You can now buy potions from the alchemist shop! You just walk over and click yes or no! (You can’t buy it if you don’t have enough gold) these potions are now fully functional in combat also!

You can now buy and sell items from the blacksmith shop as well! This is helpful for getting some basic starter gear as well as selling some old gear for more potions! I’ll look to add in some more fun gear later on!

I’ve added a lot more chests to the game as well as items being granted from events! Items can also be found off of monsters in the victory screen!

Finally, all items have a certain rank of rarity! Common items have no rarity and are displayed with a tan background. Uncommon items are displayed with a green background and typically have 50% more stars than common. Rare items have double the stats of a common item and have a blue background. Epic items have a whopping 200% more stats than common items and have a red background! There are very few epic items and they are quite hard to get!

I am finishing up the first trial and will start working on the first dungeon next! Stay tuned!

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