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Yearning for some more Portal action and can’t wait for Portal 2? We’ve just added support for Portal on Desura and have taken the opportunity to hand pick our 6 favorite mods for you to puzzle through.

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With Portal 2 coming soon and looking great, you may be craving some classic Portal action to pass the time. Have no fear, because Desura is here. We have picked 6 of the best Portal mods and made them all super easy to install and explore using Desura.

So if you have Portal already installed we definitely recommend you try your hand at these:

Have fun Portaling!

az9693 - - 2 comments


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Klammy - - 435 comments


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newnowmusic - - 248 comments

Wish Awakening had been released, would have put money on them being here if it was finished.

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INtense! Staff
INtense! - - 4,102 comments

Another promising upcoming mod is Chell's Legend. We shall add them as they are released

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mxtomek - - 142 comments

played before Prelude - is great mod but i could finish one of the maps (i guess one in the middle)

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Makes me want to create a new portal mod now. Havn't got the time to create a new game so i may have a play and make a portal mod instead.

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Bluedrake42 - - 574 comments

Ugh desura PLEASE find some way to combine forces with steam (you don't have to become conglomerated by them just... feature your service on theirs and vice versa) I really love the mod support but there's no way I'm gonna buy anything on there =( cause I really like keeping all my games in one place. That's kindof the main point that I use steam in the first place

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madcat1030 - - 245 comments

You don't need to re-buy Portal via Desura. In fact, you can't. It sees your Steam Portal and works off of it. If I choose to play a mod via Desura, the steam "Launching Portal..." box still comes up.

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Cameron:D - - 312 comments

Desura simply installs the mods (well, Source mods) to your Steam sourcemods folder. They will also show up on your Steam list of games after you restart too.

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MuzzaHukka - - 4 comments

Steam freezes your computer up when you run it with either an IM program, or an antivirus. It also uses up a lot of bandwith. Portal is a single player game so you can install it to your PC, then apply a Non-Steam patch which is full legal as long as you own the game. Desura on the other hand, works flawless.

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TiLeNpWneD - - 13 comments

Portal Prelude is actually a great mod. Have to try the others as well.

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Stevoisiak - - 32 comments

How could you NOT include breaking boundaries?

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TrashCan-Man23 - - 683 comments

Why did you not include Moddb page Links to them, why did they all have to be DESURA links?

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INtense! Staff
INtense! - - 4,102 comments

you can just replace the part with as the links are identical.

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GoodGuyA - - 9 comments

I HATE Portal: Prelude. Not only is the voice software so lazy that it distracts from gameplay, the level design is flawed up the ***. The story is inconsistent with the Portal's original vision and makes the entirety of Apeture Science seem like actually evil people instead of misguided. Not to even mention the horrid final boss sequence. I really wish to never play that mod again. It's overhyped, blinding so many with the fact that it has scripted conversations.

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jeremy22702 - - 75 comments

Dude?! Thats my favorite mod, but you probly don't Portal like me. Have fun.

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MiTaReX - - 5 comments

It is just not like other Portal mods, it has it's own charm. I like it more than others (except for Factum Solus, that is my favourite).

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lonniesox - - 1 comments


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Mariofan1701 - - 5 comments

Im going to make a poll. (You dont have to anwser)

Which is your fav Portal map maker?

1.Ian Boswell AKA Deathkiller (Guy who made Hetzchase Nailway)

Mine: Ian Boswell.

2. Reepblue (Awesome Portal 2 map maker (IN PORTAL 1!) )


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