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Hey all fellow rubyists. This update includes full Ruby language support for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.

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Hello everyone and welcome to new NÖN devlog.

So, I moved from JavaScript to Ruby as we really miss fully cross-platform Ruby game engine on market and there are tons of JavaScript engines. Why not Lua? Because Ruby maybe has some faults, but it's syntax is arguable better than Lua's. Ruby threading? With Java backend this isn't issue anymore. Ruby GC? Same as before. Slower startup time than Lua? Okay, but in game development this isn't big issue, people are used to see loading screens in games anyway.

To match above transition to Ruby, I created new logo and website:

As I moved to Ruby, installing NÖN is even simpler than writing "Hello World!" application. To install NÖN we can simply use feature, what all rubyists know: RubyGems

ruby code:
gem install non

Also, API changed a bit, but it is still super simple and functional. Below you can see how to draw an image.

ruby code:
require 'non/graphics'

def ready
  @image = Graphics.image('image.png')

def render(dt)
  Graphics.clear(0, 0, 0)
  Graphics.draw(@image, position: [10, 10])

I also simplified release and update process thanks to Thor command-line Ruby library.

ruby code:
# Generate Hello World! project in current directory
non hello

# Start and debug desktop project
non start desktop

# Creates "Hello World-1.0.0.jar" executable
non build desktop

And that is everything for now. Stay tuned! You can suport NÖN project by sharing it with your friends.

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