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Well hello again, I've got you more stuff coming here.

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Our friend Edoc_32 has been working on the code and he's our main coder for this proyect. He has made really good progress so far.
Here are the stuff he completed and what he's working on:

Life Bars (Yes just like in Mortal Kombat): DONE
Sub-Zero Freezing : DONE
Scorpion's Spear : DONE
Ermac's Telekinesis : DONE (Yes, he can lift people).
Ermac's Hado Energy : DONE (That green fireball)
Every character has the same health (just regular ones not bosses yet... well, not characters yet)

He's currently working on :
Class selection menus
Universal weapon which changes attacks and model depending the character you choose
Kill count ( Those medals that appear once you win a round ).

That's currently it. Wait for images as our friend Vicyouz is working on a great scorpion render.

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