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A Small article with info about what the mod aims to offer.

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Hello there, I'm Nolt and this is my mod / personal challenge, my objective as mentioned, is to expand the game with things that I believe that should have been included on the original game, or on its sequels, this is something I always wished to have done as a kid, but I had no knowledge about how to do it.

Shattered Paradise is meant to be a game where the side you choose is going to define partially how you want to play the game, therefore I want to make every faction different from each other to the point that you have think about what you gain and what you loose when making your choice. Similar to Dawn of War, Dark Crusade. Every side has its own speciality, and knowing what your enemy can do can be more effective than knowing what you can do with your faction.

I'm planning to have 5 factions on this mod including the vanilla ones, being those the GDI, NOD, A Forgotten Army, CABAL or another rogue AI and the Scrin. The story, if aplicable will turn around the comming of the scrin and some grimdark stuff, I'll invent something interesting here once most of the assets are done.

I could write a giant wall of text about how many ideas I have for this, but I don't know how to implement them all yet, and also the Tiberian Sun mod is still in development. So it's pointless to speak about things that we're not yet sure if they can be done or not. For now all I can do is create the graphics, do some experiments and show the results.

This image is my first stone, it's the Forgotten side along with it's basic structures, probably I'll have to make some changes to them from time to time, but it's a decent start. I hope you guys enjoy it, more will come soon.

Forgotten Basic Structures


I liked,bunkers looks good. +1

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