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This little news item ain't a good one, even if I'd like to have one. It's about a serious issue I have to face during the development. So what is it?
Basically it's the common bluescreen, which appears more then just often. The thing is, it isn't cause by the system, it's caused by the CPU. That means I have to wait till I get the new CPU + Mainboard, but in the meantime I cannot do anything really. Some texture-creation and small things are possible, but nothing too 3D cause then the PC crashes.
I'm sorry for that, because of this the mod is gonna come out later than planned. Still, as soon as I receive the new hardware, I can continue working on the project and then the first thing I'll do is the promised teaser-trailer. Also, the new Arena mode will be announced I was working on the last days. So stay tuned till then!

Update (06-27-09) :
The system components finally have arrived, I'm gonna install 'em as soon as possible to continue working (also on the trailer). I also hope to work a bit faster, cause the new cpu (AMD Phenom II X4 940 BE) + board (Asus M4A78 Pro 780G AM2+) + power supply (OCZ StealthXStream 600W) are way faster, which should increase renderings and compilings.

Update (06-29-09) :
The new system is now running. Seemed like it was the CPU AND the DVD-Rom burner as well. Now it's working way better, but still I got a problem with the audio driver of the new board to fix which leads to (whatever) another bluescreen. If that one is fixed I finally might be able to continue working, so hope for the best.
PS: One thing I was able to figure out is, that the radiant I'm working with is way faster then with the old CPU, so the workflow will increase to give you an amazing product in about one to two months!
PS: PS: Just for you to have anything till the work goes on:

Update (07-06-09) :
Got great news, my system is now running and I contiuned working since yesterday. Currently I'm working on the playerskin/-model and the firegun, also desert is now finished (bugs fixed, but no dialogues and story yet). I hope to finish the trailer this weekend, I might even start filming on wednesday, who knows... till then, as always, stay tuned.

Update (07-10-09) :
I'm sorry, but I didn't even had a chance to start filming yet. I was about to finish village 1 but I didn't made it to play through without a bluescreen, freeze oder restart. Now I tried another thing, if this won't work I can (slowly) continue work... cause then this all was only because of the new mainboard. So... I tell you as soon as I know.


That's too bad, hope it wont slow down too much.

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blue screens are usually caused by memory errors, sometimes a you can get a faultly parity in one of your memory modules and then the whole thing is just corrupt, have you checked the number that comes up on the bluescreen? Its rare that CPU's go faulty is all.

Or if it is CPU related then it could be to do with temperature and shutdown temperature, so you could try underclocking your cpu?

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DaveTheFreak Author

Thanks for your tipps, but I already checked. It began few weeks ago, my cpu was running with 2,8GHz (except 1,86 -> E6300). So I clocked it down to 2,4 and it worked fine for 2 days. Then it started again, so I got it back to 1,86 and well it was fine for about a week. But it continued, everytime the cpu had to work hard (packing, compiling etc.). I tried it with the memory (underclocking them and even got one out) but it didn't do anything to it. But okay, that's it I'm buying a new mainboard and cpu (already wanted something better for compiling and cpu rendering)... so I'll have it next week.
Still thanks for your tipps, I really do appreciate that!

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