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Ispitatel 4: Classic - 14 year anniversary! Let's take the 10 year old dust off this account and post a new piece of news!

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Hello everyone!

Let's take the 10 year old dust off this account and post a new piece of news!


Today, 14 years ago, a mod was released that was made by three guys who just like to make games:

  • Me, a humble apprentice who made the levels
  • Alexander Grig, who drew the graphics, wrote the music and the band Scheidenbach who did the voice-over
  • BUzer, who wrote the code that added many interesting features to the game not seen in other mods

And yes, the authors of the mod are still making levels, drawing graphics and writing code.

To celebrate this date, let's take a look at the unique screenshots of the development that have survived to this day!


Main Menu Concept, Alexander Grig


LIPM11 Textures, Alexander Grig


LIPM11 Signs Textures, Alexander Grig


Robot Textures In Progress, Alexander Grig


Factory Textures, Alexander Grig


Factory Signs, Alexander Grig


The monkey still keeps his secrets to this day, Alexander Grig

See you at 15th years, ispitatels!


Good job, comrade! I love this mod a lot, need to play it again!

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Ironically this was the first entry in the series I played. To this day I have NO clue what I played but it was memorable ;)

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Good mod!

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Oh! I know this mod, played it like 10 years ago! It was pretty trippy for the small me but it had a charm that made it very enjoyable. Cheers and best of luck in your future endeavors!

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