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Today, added Farming System! You can craft Kitchen Garden and you can farming!

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Farming system
- Required Item

  • Kitchen Garden
    You can craft it at the simple manufacturing table

  • Fertilizer/Calcium fertilize
    You can craft it at Seedbed

  • Seed

    You can craft it at Seedbed or get it by detecting.

- How to farm

  1. Make kitchen garden and place in world.
  2. Open the garden and put the seeds and begin cultivation.

  3. Each crop has different time and conditions for growth.
    Do not let the HP of crops become zero until the crop's growth time is over

  4. When the crops have been cultivated, you have to harvest within the specified time.

  • Success is determined by the HP status of the crop at the end of the crop's growth and the level of plant ecology mastery.
  • The quantity of crops is influenced by the level of plant ecology mastery and the affection received by the players.

- Crop`s Hp
The initial HP of the crop is influenced by the plant ecology mastery at the beginning of the cultivation.

- Reduction of crop HP
If the following conditions are not met, HP is reduced.

Crops consume nutrients in the kitchen garden every hour.
Please be careful not to run out of nutrients.
You can put nutrients in the kitchen garden through the bottom left of the kitchen garden window.

Nutrient fertilizer can be made from Seedbed.

Crops have a pH range that is suitable for growth.
Do not let the pH fall out of range as the crop grows.
You can make Calcium fertilize in the Seedbed.
The Calcium fertilize will raise the Ph in the kitchen garden.

Each crop has a temperature suitable for growth.

When seeds are placed in the kitchen garden, the date is displayed at the bottom of the kitchen garden window.

If you plant on the first day that is checked, the temperature will not be a big problem as the crop grows.

Each crop may like or hate light.
If you are setting up a kitchen garden in the basement, please install a street light as well.

Crops need water to grow.
Please let the water touch the side of the garden.
Water above or below the kitchen garden can not be consumed by crops.

- Recovering crop HP
If you select ‘Commune’ in the interaction menu of the kitchen garden, the affinity increases, and the HP of the crop also rises.

You can also select ‘Commune’ in the interaction menu of other players' kitchen gardens and gain Plant Affinities mastery experience.

You can retry it in 5 minutes later

You can see affection in the kitchen garden window.

- Plow up

When the cultivation is finished, you can choose to Plow up before harvesting in your kitchen garden.

When you plow up, the nutrients that the crop has are absorbed into the kitchen garden.

This allows the garden to store more nutrients than its nutritional limit.
You can not gain experience if you plow up.

21 kinds of cultivable crops have been added.

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