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September is starting off strong with a huge update to the game. This week brings a total of 3 new islands to the game, some nice graphical upgrades, a functioning shuttle system, security systems for enemy bases and a salesman.

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Island Shot

This has been a busy month already!

As I move ever closer to the playable alpha, I've made huge progress in building actual playable levels. I'm focusing on three main islands right now, Palm Beach, Ares and Thera. Every island in the game (So far, 8 are planned) will have its own character, its own look and feel, and challenges to overcome.

Much of the game will be exploration and discovery, as you piece together who you are and where you came from, by finding notes and clues left to you by your 16 predecessors scattered around the 8 floating Islands of Outpost K-22C. Keep in mind this is open world so you can either run through the treacherous caverns to get from island to island or disable imperial security systems long enough to hop a shuttle. All this with no load times!

Assault on palm beach

While there will be loot in the game and unlockable weapons (IE: Last of us) much of the upgrades and functionality will be purchased with credits, crystals and dogtags which drop from various enemies.

The core conciet of the game remains, death is only a setback, and figuring out how to get back into battle as quickly as possible after death is the key to strategizing your victories. Its just a body! You've got more!

As always, even when the game releases I want to keep adding new content and new islands. Thanks to the online nature of the game and the storyline I can expand as much as I want. Further more, when the game is over, that's not all there is to do. I'm architecting the game to encourage speedruns for the experienced player as well as potential for multiplayer game modes if the game does well enough.

Glowing Core

Please check out all the new images, and the new Videos posted this week!

New Features This Week:
- Graphical upgrades including chains connecting the islands
- Asteroid K-22C now visible at the center of the asteroid cluster
- Security alarms in imperial bases
- Salesmen to sell sat-spawns, cooling mags, personal shields and more
- Enemies drop credits, crystals or dog tags depending on the enemy
- Shuttles to and from every island
- Quick-Insert Drop pods stations above every imperial base
- Enemy spawn points to come flooding after you for a tripped alarm
- Upgrade path for higher capacities on usable items and shield delays
- Crystal Skill Upgrades to allow things like "Prolongued detection" and "Extended security disabling"

New Video!

Thanks for reading, and if you like the game, or are interested, please check us out on twitter or facebook and share!

*This is just me developing the game so any word of mouth I can get helps me feel motivated to keep going!

** Some people have asked about Steam Greenlight, and the answer is, I would love to put this on steam. If I get to a point where I have enough followers or it seems like there is enough interest, I will put it up. I also want the game to be finished, because as a gamer myself, I'm tired of steam games that are either unfinished or unplayable...

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