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Finished voice work for two characters: Therese and Isaac. Made some programming changes to the Ventrue quest to make the story even more dynamic and interesting.

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So, not many updates for awhile ... but a lot of work has been completed!

I have managed to complete all the voice work for both Isaac and Therese. It was kind of trying since these characters are not among my favorites. I always thought Isaac was kind of an uninspired character, but who else could give out a Toreador clan quest besides VV? And she ... well, I felt a little intimidated trying to write dialog for her!

Therese and Jeanette, I've actually always liked, but doing development for them irritates me, because not knowing the player's choices in the game, I have to write dialog for all three characters although they all amount to the same thing. So, it's three times the work for one character!

Other than that, I have been working on updating the Ventrue quest to be even more interesting. I will say that if the player makes the right choices during the Ventrue quest, it will have some really interesting impacts on the game world and especially how the end game goes. I was really happy with how quickly I was able to get the programming for this additon. It introuced a new character so that will be some additional writing and voice work, though.

Anyways, enjoy the new screen snap. Maybe I will release another video soon.

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