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Finally all music files are replaced. Every floor has 1-2 themes and one ambient file.

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  • Stories of The Old Mansion by Akashic Records
  • Tough Guy by Akashic Records
  • Post Apocalyptic Dying Planet by Akashic Records
  • Music_Box by Magic_Ermine
  • Music_Box by Sound_Empire_Project
  • music_box by Ton
  • Music_Box_Illuminations by Thielus_Grenon
  • Music_Box_V by Zeffon
  • Vampires_Hunters__Action by Gregoire_Lourme
  • Hard_String_for_Action_Movie by Paulin.h
  • Starting_Engine by Mister_M
  • Crossing_the_Line by Esther_Garcia
  • Prepared_for_All_Things by Esther_Garcia
  • Looking_at_the_Stars by Esther_Garcia
  • The_Hidden_Door by Esther_Garcia
  • The_return_of_the_king by Zero-project
  • Dubstep by Tim_Perry
  • Brave_Story by Greendjohn
  • After_Tomorrow by Carlos_Estella
  • A_never_ending_battle by Iliakulakow
  • Chase_Records_-_-_Savo_-_Music_Box
  • Lzn02_-_Music_Box_Opening
  • Sinestesia_-_Music_Box
  • Xcyril_-_SGO_-_Fight
  • Heroic Demise by matthew.pablo
  • The Dark Amulet by matthew.pablo
  • Mystical Theme by Alexandr Zhelanov
  • Dark Descent by matthew.pablo
  • Steeps of Destiny by Alexandr Zhelanov
  • Insistent: background loop by yd
  • Epic Amulet Item by CosmicD
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