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Basically me crying over people doubting me. That's it. You can go home now.

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I'm getting doubts about making this mod a reality. I'm taking too many influences that people think that this mod isn't original. And really, isn't this just a Half-Life themed TF2 or CS:GO? Is there really any reason to continue when you've got better games made by better people?

Should I try to make my plan a reality, or continue to just meander around in Source because nobody really cares?

Should I just stop complaining because I'm a whiny loser that breaks at the first sign of doubt?

Is there other people that care about this mod? Is there other people that want this mod to happen? Because I don't think there is.

But should I care? No. But do I care? Yes. I do. Because without support, this mod will never get off the ground.

If you really want to support this mod, go fill out this application form so I know who I'm dealing with. Should I be doing this this early in development? No. Am I proven to not be a Frank Yeager? No. But still, if you want to contribute, here you go.

Thanks for reading this mess. Hope you have a better day than I'm having.

Oh, and I toned down the HUD.

No more eye-sores.

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