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Is JLMod dead? I don't think so...Read this news dude!

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Is JLMod Dead?

Hi, it's me 4Simp, head of ElectroShock. Most of you might be wondering why I didn't post something new. The reasons: I had a lot of work to do thus causing me to have no time working in this mod. But this mod is literary not dead. Just paused. Again, one more time, this mod ISN'T really dead (if this is really dead then I would have archived this mod's page). So, don't worry, keep calm, and stay watched. And...yeah before a lot of important work/job intensifies, I have done some changes to the mod itself.Here's what I've changed/added/updated so far in JLMod (before the important work intensifies):

  1. Airhorner 3000 pistol.
  2. The Leonidas-eye (Houndeye with a Leonidas face and "This is Sparta!" SFX)
  3. FaZe Clan Barney
  4. Messed up entities for some maps!!!!!!!! But sadly, I have decided not to mess up the textures of maps because it would be just confusing.
  5. MLG montage soundtracks (Also including Darude's hit single, Sandstorm!)
  6. The Lord Crowbar (a very powerful crowbar, it can kill or even gib NPC's by only one hit. Except Thomas the Sweg Gonarch, and the Nilluminatilanth)

That's all I can give to you rekt right now. This is Xx_4Simp@Rektrawshack_Xx/4Simp@ElectroShock, signing out
- Xx_4Simp@Rektrawshack420_Xx XOXO

Oh, and also I made Forums for JLMod, so why not check it out?


Will there be the Useless Machine weapon idea I gave you?

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Qweekskowped Author

Yeah, but I can't make the secondary fire do a large plasma projectile shoot. At least I can make the Useless Machine powerful (one shot, one NPC kill)

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