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We were dead... but we got better. :) Also some minor other news.

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I am currently going to address a few things I wish to well... address. I will provide a short answer and a long one, I hope you take the time to read both. Thank you.

Is the Mod Dead?

Short Answer: It was Dead, we currently have rebooted everything but for a good reason.

The Starship Trooper Mod was closed down due to some tragic events on key mempers of our team (we only had a small team of five people) which lead to a temporay pause in production that ended up leading into a full on closing of the mod. I know many fans of the idea behind the mod will be dissapointed in hearing this but since nothing new has been released in months most of you probably assumed we are in fact a dead mod, or so we were...

Mobile Infantry: Starship Troopers is currently under new management with a new direction (though similar themes and ideas). Currently I (Nacho) am the team leader and lead writer and am currently in the process of creating the new design document which will contain substatial information on the project. Version 1.0 should be Realeased hopefully by the begining of May (The 1st to be exact). While I am currently the team leader I am looking for someone with more experience managing a mod to take over as Team Leader as I wish to focus on writing and conceptual design and be a Co-Leader as I feel it would be best for the mod to have someone with more experiece under their belt in the lead chair. If you are interested or know someone who is interested please contact me.

This announcement doesn't mean you will see anything new soon as I am not moving forward until I have a substantial amount of the story and design doc done. I am however constantly looking for new talented people in all fields for when we start to form a team together upon completion of pre-production. If you wish to show me your work of any kind please feel free to e-mail me at:

IRC Channel

We have opened up an IRC channel for supporters of the mod or even just fans of Starship Troopers in general to come on in and chat. The Mod Leader will be there to answer all your questions and comments about the mod as well as anything else you'd like to say.

Here's the channel name: #MobileInfantry

Also, other than asking questions we do urge people to lurk the channel if they can just so we can get a look at who's still following us and to build support and morale. We are also looking for someone with experience in running an IRC channel and scripts for IRC to help run an maintain the IRC channel. If you are interested hop unto the mods channel or send me an e-mail at:


We missed you!! XD

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WOOT,i was wondering why there was no update for a while :3.

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Small team is not a excuse.. sorry it's very bad.
Where development team found you're work ?
But If modder need contents of you're mod is good if you add them on download...

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Nacho Author

I wasn't using the small team as an excuse, we were all reletively new to modding and we were actually producing some nice work at the time. What happened was events in a few members real lives that forced them to have to leave the mod causing us to grind to a halt.

The rest of what you're saying I'm a little fuzzy on but if your saying I should of put the work we had done up than you are right, that would of been a viable option.

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We will be waiting for you guys when you come back! take your time to fix the real things that matters, and all will be fine!

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