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I have decided to use the Irrlicht graphics engine and the IrrKlang sound engine for the Windows/Linux version of the game, it is an easy language, and is fun to use.

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Hello, I am Richard, the PC programmer for the PSPikman project, smiley face. I have not been working on anything at all recently, because of school and me trying to get a nice job so I can buy a desktop and a better laptop for game development/ playing. I got bored of getting told "We will get back to you" by people hiring and not getting any calls back, so I decided I shouldn't devote all of my time to school/getting a job yet, and I started researching good C++ libraries for Sound and 3D/2D Graphics, which leads to me finding the Irllicht Graphical Engine, and the IrrKlang Sound Engine. Both of these libraries appealed to me because of the fact that they were easy to use, supported file formats that didnt require me to obtain a converter, and they support Code::Blocks, my current IDE. I am currently working out all of the problems I had with compiling a Hello World type of program using both libraries, using my own sounds and knife model, I will post results when I am finished, through the download section, along with source code, smiley face. Have a good day,



Thats nice actually

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