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Players in the Early Access have been asking for the Ironman Mode in Lords of Xulima, so we finally implemented it into the game. In Ironman Mode, you can only save in towns.

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In the latest 0.15.2 version of Lords of Xulima, The Ironman Mode has been made available to all the players in Steam Early Access.

New Rules

  • With this special mode, the player can only be save the game in the towns.
  • The rest of the rules are the same as the Hardcore mode, except the score, which is 300% of the normal score (Hardcore mode 200%).
  • We have changed the score range system so the Ironman players can reach special positions in the score rank.

How to activate it

When you select the Hardcore difficulty mode you will be asked if you wish to activate the IronMan mode. You can go back to the regular hardcore mode in the options screen but you cannot reactivate it again.

Hope you enjoy it!

This mode can be a real nightmare, even for the developers!

We will add a special achievement for those heroic players that win the game in this dreadful mode.

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