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An update regarding the mod. Hotkeys are going over a major overhaul, graphics still under work.

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As of right now, I would say the unit design for the Iron Wolves Empire is roughly 70% complete, I might add more units later on and get around to giving the ZZ3-F9B a real name and some spells that actually do stuff other than what they did in regular SC. I also got the custom resource system mostly working, though I may have to tweak the numbers around a little bit until I get a satisfying
resource income rate.

Additionally, I'm changing the hotkey binds from what you see in SC right now to something a little more simple and consistent. After checking out a space combat RTS called Sins of a Solar Empire, I liked the way the the hotkeys were set up where they were based on position on the UI rather than a letter in the name. All buttons will have their keybinds mapped based on which slot it takes up in the UI as seen in the attached image. When I have gone through all of the stat_txt.tbl entries and have them mapped to the new keybinds and have the lighting updated for the building sprites, I may upload a copy of the mod to Moddb. However, if I don't, you can still find the latest available release of the mod on the Campaign Creations forums under StarCraft Discussion > Iron Wars development thread.

Lastly, it's summer semester at my college and I'm not taking classes over the summer so I have a bit more free time to work on the mod.

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