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Version 1.4 of iridescence is FINALLY complete, but this isn't even the biggest release yet. V1.5 will top it completely.

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With the release of V1.4, I realized how far iridescence has come.
There's still MANY features to add, and definitely more levels and areas.

It'd probably be best to discuss what plans there are for Iridescence, now that it's finally reaching V1.5.

Version 1.5 marks a halfway point to V2, which will be GIGANTIC.

Therefore, 1.5 needs to be worth it, no?

Version 1.5 plans to add the following features:

+ Much more challenge, complication, and content to the Crimson Forest.
+ Finish up the hub and three more levels, which are [The Breaking Point], [The Rift], and [The Forest].
+ Fix some bugs that can affect game quality, such as terrain clipping.
+ Add a new secret levels accessible through the secret areas in the first level and the hub.
+ Fix atmospheric audio bugs.
+ Add some fixes for player health, enemy combat, and etc.

Now then, what's planned for the future? Quite a few things, actually.
Here's a list:

+ Add voice acting.
+ Add more types of enemy.
+ Add more levels and maps, as well as secret levels and maps.
+ Add a story.
+ Add some better features for player interaction.
+ Add some puzzles to the game.
+ Add some better structure to the parkour challenges.
+ Fix ALL bugs that get in the way.

Thank you all for reading about my game, and what it's planning to evolve to.

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