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Iridescence V1.2 news, and what's to come. Things such as map changes, developmental changes, atmospheric changes, weapon changes, enemy sound changes, etc.

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Thank you guys for checking out this news section!
Now then, let's get to business!

Iridescence V1.2 is now out, and it adds 3 more areas to the game.
Atmospherically, these areas are lacking.
So, how am I going to fix this? The answer is simple!
You guys go ahead and play the game, then tell me what you'd like changed or fixed!
Go, have at it!
NOTE: The secret area's a placeholder, as V1.3 will make it look much better.

Now then, here's the segment on what's going to come.
Here's a list of plans for the game:

+ Add voice acting (Not being done by me, mind you).
+ Add a story.
+ Change out sound effects.
+ Maybe add some more enemies? (I'm not sure).
+ Fix some bugs related to terrain glitching.
+ Fix any bugs you guys find.
+ Add secret zones to add to story (There's already one, and it's just a joke for now).
+ Change HUD graphic (I'll ask the artist I have about if she can help me with that).
+ Tweak level design.
+ Remove flashlight.
+ Work on atmospheric build.

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