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Well its been a good week, Invasion Defender has been selling well and has had a number of reviews written about it, all positive which can only be a good thing. Also Simon has been working hard on the port, but not quite the PC port.....

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Invasion Defender having been out for just over a week is doing quite
well and the feedback has been generally positive, the only real
criticism is that its a Tower Defence game, which well....we couldn't
really avoid under the circumstances :).

Regardless, a number of websites have picked up on Invasion Defender and wrote a number of

Brian Himmelfarb (AKA Buzzkiller) from

"Like Defense Grid, Sol Survivor, and the South Park game before it,
Invasion Defender deserves to be in the same category as one of the
better tower defense games on the Xbox 360 library. It's tactical, full
of action, but most importantly it's a lot of fun! At 240 Microsoft
Points, it's also a steal. If your a fan of tower defense games then
this is a must download

Full Review here:- in its weekly Indie round up says:-


'If you haven't yet gotten your fill of the genre, I can easily recommend
Invasion Defender over many other tower defense games.'

Full review
Mini Review says:-

'Invasion Defender takes that tower defending concept to another level.
Rather then mindlessly attacking, the AI chooses smart routes and fights
back. This adds a new dimension to a genre that has already won over
countless gamers.'

Full review here:-

In other, more development based news, Simon, in his Infinite wisdom (and
believe me I actually think his wisdom is infinite) has been working
hard on Porting Invasion Defender, not to the PC but to Flash

*hides in preparation for the tomatoes, pies and the odd badger you guys are
about to throw at me*

Though this development has set-back the PC port a little, it has enabled us to come up with and test more game modes, including a potential multi player mode (oh yes!) in an
enviroment he is more used to and familiar with. which we can then later
add to the PC version when we do finally port the 360 game.

More news on these developments in the coming weeks and of course a massive thanks from Simon and myself to all of you who have tried out the game thus far!

Important Info:-


  • Release Date:- 30/01/2010 (released)
  • Cost:- 240 XB pts
  • Size:-
  • Where:- Xbox Live Indie games


Invasion Defender Feature list:-

  • Battle your way through over 50 waves of enemies in 3 unique
    locations as you fight to prevent the invasion force from taking over.
  • Shore up your defenses using a range of upgradable turrets and
  • Intelligent AI will find not only the quickest but the safest
    through your defenses making strategy even more important.
  • The enemy‚Äôs fight back adding another element of difficulty as
    fight to keep the lines secure.
  • Gain "Lifetime Score" to unlock new locations and weapons,
    the devastating tactical nuke super weapon.
  • 36 special medals to be achieved for completing various
  • Hardcore mode for an extra tough challenge.
And Finally Here is a promo Video of Invasion Defender:-

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