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I've just come back from a little trip, and it's time to post some news. The Union's buildings have been completed and now it's time to begin work on it's units.

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I've been working on the buidlings for quite some time, and now they are done (for the Union that is). Now I got to take care of the units. And then it's time for another.....faction. I won't release a demo for the Union, but once I got a good portion of the Empire done, I release a demo for you guys to see my progress.

The Union's vehicles are progressing along pretty well, I've gotten (some of) them ingame and working well. The miner can deploy into it's shell form and take more daage but move slower. The sputnik can deploy into a building (but is pretty useless beyond that). And the terror drone can emp single units. Things are going along pretty well.

I added two new pics aswell. One shows the terror drone and it's emp ability, while the other one shows a couple of things I have done before I went on my trip. The power plant, and then the two versions of the sputnik and the miner.

I also am getting hosted on Project Perfect Mod, so I'm setting up my base of operations there, but don't worry, I'll still keep you guys updated.

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