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I talk a little more about how the mod will play, and I have also posted up some new screens of the buildings of the soviet red alert 3 faction.

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There's gonna be alot of new factions in this mod, and they may seem a little repetitive. Three soviets, three allies, yuri, and the japanese. However, I will try my best to make each faction play differently and provide a unique experience.

The generals engine basically revolves around the build type of the dozer. A unit goes out to sites, and builds a building. Pretty simple, yet it does stray from the original concepts. Luckily though, it is possible to emulate some different builds types. I have figured out how to get vehicles deployed into buildings, which is great news for two reasons; 1) is that MCVs (which will act like dozers) will be able to deploy into Con Yards, and 2) I can make other vehicles deploy into other buildings, ie Nanocores! The japanese build style can be properly emulated in Generals because of this, so no dozers for the Empire! Also, by making the MCVs be able to deploy into the ConYards, I will be able to add some variety from the original Generals factions.

I know that classic CnC build style has been emulated before in generals, and while it is not at the top of my priority list, comewhere down the line I'll see if I can replicate it on my own. (I'm thinking about manipulating the sneak attack logic, which is very similair to the classis build style, ie it charges, you click, you place, and the structure builds. I know I will have to work around some stuff, but I'll be experimenting on that later).

So what will make the three tesla tanks, the three tesla towers, and all those duplicates different? There's alot of things to consider, from range, to attack damage, to health, but generally each faction will take up a little spot on the spectrum of "light----medium----heavy". And each faction will play differently. For example, the ra1 sovs do not have a rocket infantry, nor do they have a true anti infantry vehicle. However, they hav some of the best armor in the game. So it will be the little things that make them different.

I also have a couple new pics for you of the latest structures I have been working on. The crusher crane, the vacuum imploder, the refinery, and the iron curtain of the ra3 soviets.


i like it ;) Its a pitty that RA3 doesnt have superheavy/epic units like the MARV, Redeemer and Eradicater in C&C3KW. But hopefully EA will put units like this in RA3 Uprising :D

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