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Wondering what this mod is about? Wondering why there are no textures? I discuss it here in this first news blog!

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Welcome to Invasion Confirmed, my second moddign venture into generals and my and umpteenth mod in life. I posted the profile here a few days ago, and I was surprised at how many people were viewing. As I thought, there have been innumerious cries of "your models suck, your textures suck, this has been done before!111!!11!1". Well, why don't I explain what Invasion confirmed is all about.

Too many mods and games try to be this dark gritty war that takes itself way to seriously. Everything is dark and drab...and brown. I'm sick of all that, I want soemthing bright and shiny, something funny to look at even-thats why I am making this mod. My LOL mod. I am purposefully trying to make it look as cartoony as possible, and I think I am doing a good job at it. So those cries of adding textures will be ignored. This is my style, and it's going to stay that way. As for the quality of the models, I think they are pretty good replications of the originals they were based on. In fact, they are the same quality if not better than some mods which have done similair things in the past (I won't mention any names because I do not want to be one to judge). They simply do not look as realistic (I shun at the word) because I use solid colors instead of textures. In retrospect, I should have given this mod the name of "Red Alert Toon" or "LoL Mod", but I thought Invasion Confirmed sounded cooler.

Now for the content of the mod: Red alert is my favorite part of the Command and Conquer universe, so I'm bringing it all toegther here. You'll be able to play any faction, against any faction. Everything will be available to you (so long as it is within the limits of the engine). Factions will not be pressed together and watered down, the red alert 1 soviets and the red alert 2 will be complete AND SEPERATE. I know some mods have recreated a certain game, but this mod plans to bring them all together. The generals factions will also not be deleted, but more or less brushed off to the side. They will be avaialable to you, but I wont be adding to them.

Well, until next time, have Fun

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