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A quick summary of what has been happening with the game: There were newly discovered bugs, creative players exploiting said bug and thus a new version with some additional features to entice everyone to update.

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It has been a while, but even so the game is not dead - far from it!

Bugs and exploits, a cause for headaches
As I have been told, there are several incredible HI-Scores are in the online leader-board. I checked it out, and it was true. There were also lots of mails complaining about said people cheating. This, however is not true.

Instead of cheating, clever players exploited a bug in versions prior to 1.0.9, a bug which I am obviously not going to detail here, that allowed players to reach these scores. This bug has been fixed and I will begin phasing out pre-version 1.0.9 HI-Scores from the leader-board.

Rest assured, your HI-Scores will not be deleted, they are just hidden from the website's online score-table, so you can stil check them out within the game.

Rejoice! There aren't just bug-fixes
There is also a new kind of extra, that has been added to the game. It combines the bouncy shot and super shot extras into one short lived, but crazy powerful extra.

I also further reduced the CPU utilization of the game, this should help you folks on older netbooks playing this game.

Last but not least, the animations should be a bit smoother, thanks to improved tweening algorithms. Something that probably only the most eagle-eyed of you are going to spot.

Thank you all
Thank you for all your mails, your downloads and continued input. I really appreciate it. Furthermore there has been a quite nice Youtube review of the game, see it here.
A full change-log can be seen in the download section.

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