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We've released Intruder update 79! Check out those stealth action patch notes below.

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We've updated Intruder to version 79! As usual, you can get the game at

Here's some patch notes:

Intruder version 79:

New Additions

  • Custom tuning for any custom rooms! Want to create a crazy game mode? Now you can do it in any room you make. Ask about more on chat.
  • Custom tuning for TEAMS! You can do things like have guards that move slower with 200hp and intruders that move fast or can jump higher. The possibilities are many, hope to see some cool community game mode ideas from this.
  • New social and news feed in the main menu. See what's up in the entire Intruder community from one place!
  • Can FINALLY change between playing and spectating without leaving the match!
  • Walking now has its own sound effect!
  • New laser sensors have a start up sound and no longer get triggered through objects and doors! Moving doors or objects will trigger them now, however.
  • Ziplines can now be jumped on from any point on the zip line instead of just the beginning! You also keep speed/momentum when transferring to new zip lines. You could even make a map with cool zip line transfers.
  • Cardboard cut outs are no longer made of steel. Can be shot through as well as knocked over after a number of shots.
  • Any local admin can now change ragdoll gravity with /gravity
  • Alt-tabbing no longer changes the window resolution or fullscreen!

Map Maker

  • Advanced Material script added to map maker. Add more custom settings to any object easier including whether or not you can shoot through it.
  • Random activator setting added! Make it so your activator can activate random objects in the scene! Could be very powerful for custom game modes.
  • UV scrolling script added to map maker, use for things like flowing water and the like.
  • JSON checker for your tuning proxy so you can be sure your JSON is fine before testing.
  • Larger windows for note and tuning proxies so it's easier to see your message


  • Lots of edits to Mountainside to make sure things like the zip lines are actually attached to something instead of floating in mid air
  • Boxes on Mountainside switched to actual pickups.
  • Some pickups moved on Mountainside.
  • Warnings added on custom rooms or maps if the tuning is different from the default game
  • Head bob changed a bit to be more reflective of the current movement
  • Sensor start up time change to 2 seconds instead of 3
  • Default ammo is now tunable
  • Updated main menu scaling to fit more on screen at once
  • Preferences/options load on start so you can keep your prefs when testing your Map Maker maps.
  • Teams can now only be different by one player, use the new spectate command to make room for people to switch


  • Mountainside stairs culling fixed
  • Fixed first spawning not loading some variable like custom HP
  • Removed unused friends tab for now
  • Fixed issue where you could double spawn yourself (I hope)
  • Underwater explosion sounds don't go as far out of water again. Use this to trick people into thinking you went water with your grenades or charges.

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